Contemporary Takes on 30 Edgy Men’s Hairstyles

by Josie kohloff
Spiky Haircuts for men

Embrace a blast from the past with spiky hairstyles for men that defy the notion of being confined to the ’90s. Contrary to what might be expected, the spiky hair trend not only survived its peak during The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air era but has evolved into a timeless style. Unlike fleeting fads, spiky hairstyles endured and, in fact, have matured with time. Discover the enduring appeal of this edgy look that transcends eras, proving that it’s not just a nostalgic throwback but a contemporary style statement. Elevate your grooming game with spiky hair—because classics never truly fade away.

Cool Present-Day Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Since those early days, men have honed the spiky hairstyle, ditching heavy dollar store hair gels for lighter alternatives, resulting in a more refined interpretation of this timeless classic. If you’re eager to embrace the spiky look but uncertain about where to start, read on. We present twenty distinctive and original approaches to help you navigate this style. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of which variation suits you best. Discover the evolution of spiky hair—a journey from its roots to contemporary sophistication.

1. Side and Up Spiky Hair

 Side and Up Spiky


Behold a meticulously groomed and effortlessly stylish male aesthetic. The amalgamation of a well-trimmed beard and mustache, complemented by thick eyebrows and shaved sides, harmonizes seamlessly with the spiked hair—a look worthy of pause and admiration. Through the skillful application of styling clay, his dark hair takes on a flawlessly imperfect texture, exuding a style that is undeniably envy-inducing. Immerse yourself in the artistry of this look, where every element converges to create a visual masterpiece that epitomizes sophisticated grooming.

2. Soft, Short Spikes on Top

Soft, Short Spikes


Harmony reigns supreme on this captivating visage! Witness the seamless transition from the impeccably maintained mustache gracefully merging into a neatly lined-up short beard. The flow continues with buzzed sides effortlessly guiding the eye towards the straightforward yet stylish upward spike. This spiky hairstyle embodies a tasteful versatility that seamlessly transitions from professional settings to leisurely pursuits. Discover a look that effortlessly marries sophistication with playfulness, offering a perfect balance for both work and recreation.

3. Bare Faced Spiky Cut

Bare Faced Spiky


Not every man opts for facial hair, and with the allure of a long spiky hairstyle, the spotlight effortlessly shifts to the top. The key lies in dedicating attention to the longer strands immediately after a shower to ensure the applied product maintains the spike’s integrity throughout the day. Elevate your look with this distinctive long spiky style that places emphasis on the upper realm, offering a captivating alternative for those who prefer to let their locks do the talking. Embrace a hairstyle that captures attention and ensures a lasting impression with the right care and styling.

4. Young, Disheveled Spiked Hair

Young, Disheveled Spiked


Indulge in a effortlessly cool boys’ style that demands minimal effort—this is the look tailor-made for you. Whether brushed forward, tousled to the left or right, or spiked straight up, the versatility of this messy cut effortlessly embraces various spike directions. Revel in the ease and adaptability of a hairstyle that requires little maintenance while maintaining a stylish demeanor. Embrace the freedom to play with the direction of your spikes, as each variation seamlessly complements the charm of this low-maintenance yet trendy look.

5. Edge-to-Edge Spiky Cut

 Edge-to-Edge Spiky


Embrace the wisdom that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line—a principle flawlessly embodied in this crisp, spiked hairstyle. The meticulous precision of the lineup, extending from the forehead to the temples and along the cheeks to the corners of the lips, is truly noteworthy. Elevating the aesthetic further are the spiky tips that crown this male hairstyle, redefining contemporary trends with an unparalleled sense of sophistication. Step into the realm of trend-worthiness with a look that masterfully combines precision and spiky flair.

6. Spiked Mohawk-Inspired Hair

 Spiked Mohawk


Embodying a sense of unwavering determination, this hairstyle combs forward to a point, signifying a serious and business-ready demeanor. The short buzz on the sides adds an element of sleekness, while the combed-up side spike introduces a fierce edge that commands attention from every angle. This look is not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement—a powerful expression that effortlessly combines sophistication with an unmistakable sense of boldness. Elevate your presence with a hairstyle that means serious business and leaves a lasting impression in every room you enter.

7. Piecey, Spikey Hair

 Piecey, Spikey


The focal point of this style lies in the length on top, showcasing a dynamic and contemporary look. Achieving the best results involves blow-drying the hair until it’s damp, followed by the application of a lightweight product to prevent heaviness. Finish the blow-drying process with a round brush, styling the hair to hold straight up for a striking effect. Who says adulthood has to equate to mundane hairstyles? Break the mold and embrace a look that effortlessly blends sophistication with a touch of rebellious flair. Elevate your grooming routine with this versatile style that defies expectations and adds a youthful vibrancy to your appearance.

8. Highlights and Spike with Side Buzz

Highlights and Spike


This image captivates with its meticulous attention to strands of color. The strategic application of a robust hold product not only ensures the spikes stay elevated and perfectly defined at the tips but also allows the dimensional highlights to shine through with striking prominence. The shorter shave on the sides and back elevates men’s spiky hairstyles to unprecedented levels of style, showcasing a perfect fusion of boldness and sophistication. Experience the transformative power of color and precision, as this look redefines the boundaries of stylish and trendsetting spiky hairstyles.

9. Wave of Spiked Hair

Wave of Spiked


This particular style is tailored for those who not only have hair but also stay abreast of the latest trends in hairstyling. Sporting a medium length on the sides, accentuated by a burst fade around the ears, and a longer top that elegantly sweeps forward before culminating in an upward flip, this style demands patience and unwavering dedication. The commitment required is evident, but the results unequivocally speak for themselves. Elevate your grooming game with a hairstyle that not only embraces contemporary trends but also serves as a testament to your dedication and style prowess.

10. Wild and Spiky on Top

Wild and Spiky


Opt for a bold statement by shaving everything but the top and allowing it to flourish like wildfire! Ideal for those with thick, light-colored hair, this style enhances the appeal of sun-kissed highlights, whether they are natural or acquired. Bursting with volume and texture, this playful look strikes the perfect balance for those moments when you desire a polished appearance without the appearance of investing excessive time in your morning routine. Embrace a hairstyle that exudes effortlessness while making a striking visual impact, embodying the spirit of carefree style with a touch of vibrant flair.

11. Non-Committal Textured Top

 Non-Committal Textured


This haircut stands out for its straightforward elegance and tidy appearance. The beauty lies in its adaptability; if the spiky top isn’t your preference, opting for a shorter length won’t necessitate a complete overhaul of the cut. The extended front spiked hair is intentionally lengthened and seamlessly tapered to harmonize with the buzzed sides and back. Revel in the simplicity of a hairstyle that offers both versatility and a polished look, allowing you to tailor it to your liking without compromising the overall aesthetic. With strategic design, this haircut effortlessly combines sophistication with easygoing charm.

12. Spiky for Fine Hair

 Spiky for Fine


Direct your attention to what you have rather than what you lack! Thinning hair can still take center stage with a spiked-up look that defies conventional expectations. Employing a shine men’s hair paste, this style not only exudes a sense of health but also presents a fashion-forward appearance, skillfully diverting attention from the challenges of fine hair. Showcase the potential of your hair with a look that embraces individuality, radiates confidence, and proves that style knows no limitations. Let the richness of this spiked-up hairstyle speak for itself, demonstrating that thinning hair can be a canvas for creativity and flair.

13. Fade-a-Way Spiked Hair

Fade-a-Way Spiked


Elevate your style with short spikes, paired effortlessly with a seamlessly blended undercut and a burst fade. This low-maintenance look demands minimal product application and requires no significant commitment, making it an ideal choice for the on-the-go man seeking to add a touch of spice to his appearance. Strike the perfect balance between convenience and flair with a hairstyle that exudes a dynamic edge while accommodating a fast-paced lifestyle. Embrace the versatility of short spikes and a blended undercut – a combination that effortlessly embodies both style and practicality.

14. Spiky Pompadour

 Spiky Pompadour


Understanding that not every man desires to dedicate substantial time to their morning hair routine, this hairstyle is a perfect choice owing to its effortless simplicity. The ease of the cut from all angles ensures a hassle-free styling experience. Regardless of which way the wind blows, this stands out as one of the simplest and most convenient spiky hairstyles for men available. Embrace a look that effortlessly combines style with practicality, offering a stress-free solution for those who prefer a low-maintenance yet fashionable appearance. Streamline your grooming routine with a hairstyle that allows you to look your best with minimal effort.

15. Extra-High Men’s Spikes

Extra-High Men’s Spikes


Embrace the mantra that sometimes, bigger is indeed better, particularly when it comes to hair! Just like the captivating images showcased, if you believe you can confidently pull off this sky-high, front spiky look, it’s definitely worth a try. Achieving this statement style involves using a stiff sculpting clay and dedicating time to allow your hair to reach the ideal long length. Elevate your grooming game by experimenting with a bold and voluminous look that not only demands attention but also exudes a sense of confidence and style. Embrace the journey of growing out your hair and relish the rewards of a striking, front spikey hairstyle.

16. Shark-Fin Spikes with Facial Hair

Shark-Fin Spikes


Prepare to capture attention with spikes that command the spotlight. The long, fierce flip up on top, coupled with a polished skin fade, impeccable line up, and flawless facial hairstyle, make images like this a wellspring of inspiration for modern, eclectic men’s hairstyles. The razor line breaking into the cut serves as the finishing touch to this statement style, adding an extra layer of detail and sophistication. Elevate your grooming game with a look that not only turns heads but also serves as a testament to the limitless creativity and possibilities within contemporary men’s hairstyling. Embrace the fusion of boldness and finesse with a style that speaks volumes about your modern, eclectic taste.

17. Work Appropriate Spiky Hair

Appropriate Spiky


Navigating style decisions often aligns with our professional paths, and the same holds true for hairstyles. When it comes to spiky haircuts for guys, this option offers a safe and straightforward cut that is office-appropriate. Featuring a clean part and side spikes, this look is not only professional but also easily achievable straight out of the shower with just a comb and some styling paste. Strike the perfect balance between career-appropriate and stylish with a cut that effortlessly blends simplicity and sophistication, ensuring you step into the office with confidence and flair.

18. Short Spiky Haircut

 Short Spiky


Simply brush it forward, and you’re set! Recognizing that not everyone is prepared for the upkeep and styling demands of longer hair, here’s an extra short cut, drawing inspiration from the classic high and tight while allowing for a touch of texture on top. This style is not only easy to maintain but also creates the illusion of abundant hair. It’s an excellent choice for men contemplating the transition from a traditional buzz cut, offering a manageable yet stylish option that paves the way for potential future growth. Embrace a look that strikes a balance between simplicity and the promise of evolving style.

19. Thick and Forward Spiky Style

Thick and Forward Spiky


Elevate your style with the allure of dyed blonde hair paired with dark facial hair—an undeniably attractive combination. Enhance this appealing contrast by embracing the latest trick in the spiky hair trend: combing the very front of the hair straight up. This technique not only adds a contemporary flair to the style but also accentuates the contrast in color, providing dimension and depth to your modern look. Embrace the power of color to redefine your style and captivate attention with a dynamic play on tones, creating a visually striking and fashionable statement.

20. Acicular Taper Fade Haircut

cicular Taper Fade Haircut


Achieve a sharp and fearless look by spiking your hair with gel, liberating yourself from concerns about the direction the spikes take. This cut exudes such precision that you might hesitate to touch it. Transition seamlessly from a buzz cut into longer, disconnected spikes, delivering an edgy yet easily manageable style. The intentional disarray of the spikes adds an element of boldness, allowing you to effortlessly embody a balance of sharpness and casual coolness. Embrace a hairstyle that not only makes a statement but is also easy to maintain, perfect for those seeking an edgy and hassle-free aesthetic.

21. Edgy Disheveled Mens Hairstyle

Edgy Disheveled Mens Hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

Explore Matthew Atkinson’s effortlessly messy spikes that give off the appearance of a perfect, wearable bedhead. While we all know rolling out of bed with such impeccable style isn’t feasible, achieving this look is surprisingly simple. Follow in the footsteps of this charismatic individual by applying a light hair wax and running your fingers through your hair. This uncomplicated method works wonders, particularly when coupled with a well-executed razored cut. Embrace the ease and charm of a style that looks effortlessly chic, showcasing that achieving a desirable bedhead appearance can be both achievable and stylish.

22. Spiky Hairstyle with a Maximum Lift

Spiky Hairstyle with a Maximum Lift

Helga Esteb /

The Twilight star, who may roll his eyes at any mention of the young adult fiction adaptation that catapulted his career, fully embraces the world of big hair. For Robert Pattinson, volume isn’t just something for admirers to fawn over—it’s an integral part of his signature style. If you’re blessed with a similar luscious mane and aspire to replicate this bold look, start by blow-drying with a high-hold sculpting wax. This styling method ensures your strands maintain a purposeful disarray, allowing you to channel the effortless coolness embodied by Rob’s picture-perfect hair. Embrace the voluminous allure and capture the essence of this iconic hairstyle with the right products and styling technique.

23. Cute Spikes for Shorter Hair

Cute Spikes for Shorter Hair

DFree /

Shorter hair doesn’t mean spiky style is out of reach—just take a cue from Douglas Booth. He effortlessly rocks a shorter cut with a low-maintenance spin on the spiky trend. The beauty of shorter hair lies in its ease of styling; the less hair you have, the simpler it is to achieve a stylish look. For those who appreciate a full head of hair but don’t want to invest significant time in their morning routine, opting for a shorter cut is the key. Embrace a style that combines the best of both worlds—manageability and a fashionable spiky edge.

24. Spiky Hairstyle with Textured Top

 Spiky Hairstyle with Textured Top

Helga Esteb /

While spiky hair is undeniably stylish, committing to this look every day might not be your preference. That’s why it’s crucial not to let your stylist shape your hair exclusively for spiky styles. Take a page from Michael’s book, showcasing spikes in a way that transitions seamlessly from the shower to everyday wear. Achieving this versatility demands a bit more hold to handle the extra thickness and length, but a quality matte pomade paste easily does the trick. Embrace a style that offers the flexibility to rock the spikes when you want and effortlessly transition to a more relaxed look with minimal effort.

25. Refined Messy Spikes

Refined Messy Spikes

Tinseltown /

Captured in this image, Colin Farrell sports a haircut with longer top strands and shorter sides, presenting a contemporary twist on the classic high-and-tight. This extended and modern variation is the secret to attaining a well-executed spiky hairstyle. The discreetly shorter sides maintain a subtle profile without requiring slicking down, while the longer top invites styling straight out of the shower. Embrace a haircut that effortlessly marries traditional elements with a fresh, modern edge, offering the versatility to craft a proper spiky ‘do without sacrificing an ounce of style.

26. Long Top, Short Sides Hairstyle

 Long Top, Short Sides

Helga Esteb /

Tailored for the younger generation, Brett Davern’s style might be right up your alley. His spikes exhibit a uniform and controlled appearance, all leaning towards the right with perfect consistency. Achieving this more advanced look can be challenging, but fear not—we’ve got your back, bro. Optimal results come from applying a strong-hold pomade when your hair is semi-dry. Utilize a comb to skillfully make the front strands stand straight up, ensuring precision and a polished finish to your spikes. Embrace a style that blends youthful energy with meticulous control, offering a sophisticated take on the classic spiky look.

27. Fairly Neat Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Fairly Neat Spiky

DFree /

Meet Tyler Hilton, the actor and singer who once captivated the hearts of teen girls everywhere on One Tree Hill. Renowned as the Dreamy Musician, Tyler takes his hair seriously, as evident in this photo. Short and impeccably neat, his hairstyle is carefully styled with a touch of spikiness and volume. This serves as the ideal inspiration for a prom look, especially for all you high schoolers out there seeking a haircut that seamlessly blends sophistication with youthful charm. Embrace a style that mirrors Tyler’s meticulous approach, ensuring you make a memorable impression on that special night.

28. Acicular Texture In Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Acicular Texture

Helga Esteb /

Behold a short and effortlessly stylish haircut, showcased by the handsome Freddy Rodriguez. This photo exemplifies the potent combination of spiky hair and facial hair when paired together. While individually, spiky hair and beards each have their unique appeal, it’s the fusion of the two that creates an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Witness the seamless harmony of a flattering spiky hairstyle and a well-groomed beard, as this pairing elevates your overall look to new heights. Embrace a style that not only exudes individual charm but also presents a unified and formidable presence, just like the one showcased by Freddy Rodriguez.

29. Cute Piecey Spikes

 Cute Piecey Spikes Save

Helga Esteb /

In this red carpet snapshot, Josh Dallas sports a distinctive spiky look reminiscent of a military style—shortly trimmed and uniformly structured. This clean and polished appearance proves to be an ideal choice for everyday work styles. It strikes the perfect balance between casual and professional, making it the go-to option for navigating your business-casual dress code with sophistication. Embrace a style that mirrors Josh Dallas’s refined aesthetic, seamlessly blending versatility and professionalism into a single, sophisticated ensemble for your daily workplace endeavors.

30. Mildly Spiked Men’s Hairstyle

Mildly Spiked

Helga Esteb /

Not everyone is inclined to rock their hair reaching for the skies, and that’s absolutely fine—spiky hair isn’t a one-size-fits-all choice. For those seeking a more understated style that won’t draw excessive attention, consider Max Lloyd-Jones’s slightly spiked ‘do. Tailored for short hair, this look requires minimal spiking concentrated in the middle. Gentlemen, what are your thoughts? Do any of these spiky hairstyles catch your eye? Experimenting with something new could be a refreshing change you’ll be grateful for. Embrace the opportunity to diversify your look and discover a style that perfectly suits your taste and preference.

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