20 Alluring Men’s Hairstyles Paired with Stylish Beards

by Josie kohloff
Quirky Color

In the year 2023, the realm of beards has expanded beyond conventional boundaries, offering a diverse array of grooming possibilities that transcend the limitations of just one or two styles. Presently, grooming options abound more than ever, providing a spectrum of choices for every individual. Delve into this carefully curated compilation of twenty enticing beard and hair grooming ideas, spanning from the contemporary allure of urban chic to the laid-back charm of rustic relaxation. Embrace the versatility of these grooming concepts, each designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Explore the evolution of grooming trends and redefine your personal style with these distinctive ideas, ensuring that your look is not just trendy but uniquely you.

1. Short Faded Hair

Short Faded Hair


Exemplifying a timeless aesthetic, this particular style is most suitable for gentlemen endowed with straight, fine hair. The accompanying beard is meticulously trimmed, maintaining a close proximity to the skin for enhanced breathability and effortless upkeep. Achieving this polished appearance requires the adept use of a fine-toothed comb and a compact electric razor. The result is a refined look that seamlessly blends classic charm with practical maintenance, ensuring a stylish and well-groomed presence for individuals with a preference for simplicity and ease.

2. Long Hair

Long Hair


Embracing a growing trend, longer locks are gaining popularity among men. The fusion of luscious, flowing tresses with a robust yet finely sculpted beard is an ideal choice for those seeking to infuse a touch of drama into their personal style. To attain this striking look, employ essential tools such as a hairdryer, heat-protective spray, and a dedicated beard comb. By skillfully combining these elements, you can effortlessly achieve a captivating aesthetic that showcases both the allure of longer hair and the sophistication of a well-maintained beard. Elevate your style with this bold and dramatic combination, effortlessly blending contemporary trends with meticulous grooming for a distinctive and head-turning appearance.

3. Middle Part

Middle Part


The middle part hairstyle emerges as a modern and stylish choice, gaining popularity notably in Europe. Crafting this fresh look involves the use of a fine-toothed comb to achieve a precise hair parting, complemented by a precise electric razor to maintain a well-groomed beard. To add a touch of flair, complete the look with the application of wet gel, enhancing the overall aesthetic. This contemporary style seamlessly merges precision and sophistication, making it a noteworthy choice for those seeking a fashionable yet refined appearance. Elevate your grooming routine with the middle part hairstyle, an embodiment of European chic that effortlessly combines neatness and trendiness.

4. Quirky Color

Quirky Color


Vibrant and bold hair colors transcend age and gender norms, as demonstrated by this attention-grabbing purple hue. Infusing an element of fun into the overall aesthetic, this lively shade harmoniously pairs with a luxuriant beard for a well-balanced look. Employ a broad-toothed comb to arrange the colorful locks with precision, while a razor gracefully shapes the beard, contributing to the overall harmony of the style. This daring choice challenges conventions, proving that bright, flamboyant hair colors are a versatile and spirited option for individuals of any age or gender. Elevate your look with a pop of color and a gracefully shaped beard, embracing the perfect blend of playfulness and sophistication.

5. Side Part

Side Part


Exuding timeless charm, the side part emerges as a classical hairstyle ideally suited for gentlemen boasting soft, fine hair. Complementing this refined look is a meticulously sculpted beard, achieved with the precision of a metallic shaping tool. To maintain its impeccable shape, a firming gel mist is applied, ensuring the beard stays neatly in place. This classic pairing of a side part hairstyle and a well-groomed beard epitomizes sophistication, offering a polished and distinguished appearance for those with a preference for enduring styles and meticulous grooming. Elevate your aesthetic with the elegance of a side part, harmoniously complemented by a precisely shaped beard for a distinguished and timeless appeal.

6. No Part

No Part


Blending simplicity and impact, this style seamlessly marries an uncomplicated, no-part top with a striking, full beard. Achieving a sleek appearance, the hair is skillfully combed back using a gentle application of mild hair wax. The impressive beard is meticulously maintained, its smooth and lengthy allure maintained with the assistance of a fine-toothed beard comb. To enhance nourishment, a generous rub of beard oil is applied, adding a touch of luxurious care to the overall aesthetic. This fusion of a clean, no-part top with a well-tended, full beard epitomizes effortless sophistication, offering a stylish and well-groomed look for those who appreciate the art of minimalism and meticulous care. Elevate your appearance with this balanced combination, where simplicity meets impact in a refined and nourished style.

7. High Fade

High Fade


In the realm of men’s hairstyles for the year 2023, one stands out as particularly popular—the fade. Precision is key in achieving this stylish look, accomplished through the adept use of a sharp electric razor with varying lengths. This technique creates a seamless and contemporary transition, embodying the cutting-edge trends of the year. To complement the fade, a meticulously sculpted beard takes form, shaped with finesse using a sharp razor tool. This dynamic pairing of a well-executed fade and a precisely crafted beard defines the epitome of modern grooming. Elevate your aesthetic with this on-trend combination, showcasing a fusion of precision and style that sets the tone for the year’s most favored men’s hairstyle.

8. Undercut Design

Undercut Design


Exuding supreme style and trendiness, this look demands a level of precision that can only be achieved through professional expertise. Crafting this refined aesthetic requires the skillful use of a sharp beard-shaping razor, ensuring the beard is impeccably contoured. Simultaneously, achieving precision on the hair atop necessitates the application of matte gel wax, providing a sleek and well-defined finish. This supremely stylized look is not just a haircut; it’s a testament to the artistry of grooming. Elevate your style with the assistance of a professional touch, where a precisely shaped beard and meticulously set hair create a contemporary and refined aesthetic, setting you apart as a trendsetter in the world of modern men’s grooming.

9. Gray Hair, Gray Beard

Gray Hair, Gray Beard


Fashionable beards and hairstyles extend beyond the realm of youth, as exemplified by this mature yet trendy presentation. The gray head of hair, meticulously sculpted with a razor, exudes a sense of lushness and meticulous grooming. The silver hue further enhances the overall aesthetic, contributing to a distinguished and sophisticated appearance. This style proves that trends in grooming are ageless, with silver adding a touch of elegance to the overall look. Embrace the art of grooming at any age, where a carefully sculpted beard and stylish gray hair create a timeless and fashionable presence that defies age boundaries.

10. Full Beard and Man Bun

Full Beard and Man Bun


Not every mustache requires a whimsical twist at the ends; this straight beard exudes refinement and class without the need for a curl. Crafted with precision, a solid, broad-toothed comb and beard wax play pivotal roles in maintaining a consistent length and ensuring overall neatness. This style proves that sophistication can be achieved through simplicity, offering a clean and well-groomed appearance without the need for elaborate twists. Elevate your facial hair game with a straight beard that exudes elegance, achieved effortlessly with the right tools and grooming techniques.

11. Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair


For those blessed with naturally wavy hair, this combination presents an excellent styling option to explore. Employ a fine brush to elegantly tame the waves, providing a controlled yet effortlessly natural look. Enhance the overall effect by applying a touch of gel to ensure the waves maintain a firm and polished appearance. Simultaneously, attend to the beard with a subtle shaping technique and the nourishing touch of beard oil. This style seamlessly harmonizes the charm of wavy locks with a well-groomed beard, offering a balanced and effortlessly stylish appearance. Elevate your grooming routine with this versatile combination, celebrating the beauty of natural waves and a meticulously tended beard for a look that’s both refined and relaxed.

12. Short on Top

Short on Top


Occasionally, it’s perfectly acceptable to let your beard take center stage. Achieving short hair on top is a straightforward process with a standard razor, ensuring a clean and neat appearance. Meanwhile, the beard steals the spotlight as it seamlessly fades into the scalp with the precision of a fine blade. This style emphasizes the prominence of facial hair, offering a distinctive and bold aesthetic. Elevate your look by allowing your beard to be the focal point, skillfully complemented by short and well-maintained hair on top for an effortlessly stylish and attention-grabbing appearance.

13. Short and Sculpted

Short and Sculpted


Opting for short hair not only simplifies your grooming routine but also allows for more dedicated sculpting, transforming it into a beautiful and intricate style. In this particular look, the hairline becomes a canvas for creative expression, designed with precision in a captivating geometric pattern. Parallelly, the beard follows a similarly structured approach, albeit with the added allure of some natural growth, introducing an element of drama to the overall aesthetic. This style signifies a harmonious blend of meticulous design and organic flair, showcasing the beauty of well-sculpted short hair and a thoughtfully structured beard. Elevate your grooming experience with this artistic combination, where short hair becomes a work of geometric art, complemented by a beard that effortlessly balances structure and natural charm for a truly distinctive appearance.

14. Curly Hair

 Curly Hair


This distinctive style serves as a testament to the possibility of having the best of both worlds in grooming. The voluminous head of curls creates a harmonious balance with a meticulously refined beard, crafted to perfection with the precision of a sharp blade. To achieve the desired look, a round brush is employed, working in tandem with matte setting mousse to ensure the curls maintain their shape and definition. This combination seamlessly blends the lush appeal of curls with the sophistication of a well-groomed beard, striking a perfect equilibrium between natural charm and meticulous styling. Elevate your grooming experience by embracing this fusion, where a heavy head of curls complements a precisely sculpted beard for a look that is both effortlessly stylish and refined.

15. Fauxhawk

Fauxhawk hairstyles


Recreating the essence of a Mohawk with minimal effort, this style embraces the curvature of the hair shape, radiating a sense of fun and flexibility. The full-bodied beard, though robust, maintains an expertly groomed appearance. Achieving this look requires the finesse of a fine-toothed comb, complemented by the nourishing touch of hair oil to enhance the hair’s natural luster. To complete the overall aesthetic, a touch of matte wax adds the perfect finishing touch, ensuring a well-defined and polished appearance. This style strikes the ideal balance between playful flair and meticulous grooming, offering a look that is both carefree and expertly curated. Elevate your grooming routine with the simplicity of a shaped hair curvature and a well-maintained, full-bodied beard for an effortlessly stylish and complete appearance.

16. Braided Style

Braided Style


Elevating the aesthetic with their striking beauty, these two-strand twists create a captivating and beautiful hair look. Among the myriad options for kinky hair, these luscious braids stand out as a testament to skilled craftsmanship. Executing this intricate style demands experienced hands to ensure precision and an impeccable finish. The accompanying beard, kept simple and short, strategically directs attention to the focal point—the intricate and eye-catching locs. This style not only showcases the versatility of braids for kinky hair but also highlights the artistry involved in creating a visually stunning and cohesive look. Enhance your appearance with these meticulously crafted two-strand twists, accompanied by a modest yet impactful beard, for an overall aesthetic that seamlessly balances complexity and simplicity.

17. Slick and Sculpted

Fade with Beard Design


Tailored for men blessed with exceptionally straight and fine hair, this style exudes sophistication. Achieving a sleek appearance, the hair is deftly slicked back using a fine-toothed comb, creating a smooth and silky texture at the crown. Concurrently, the facial hair is impeccably maintained, presenting a neat and structured allure. The use of a beard-shaper adds precision to the beard’s design, elevating the overall aesthetic. This look harmoniously blends sleekness and structure, showcasing the versatility of extremely straight, fine hair. Elevate your grooming routine with this refined combination, where a slicked-back top effortlessly complements a well-groomed and precisely structured beard for a polished and distinguished appearance.

18. Fade with Beard Design

Fade with Beard Design


For those with a penchant for distinctive and imaginative grooming, opting for a beard design offers an excellent choice. The creation of intricate designs demands the precision of a sharp blade, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted. Simultaneously, maintaining a fresh look at the top of the head requires only the simplicity of a brush. This versatile approach allows you to explore and express your creativity through intricate beard designs while keeping the hairstyle effortlessly fresh. Elevate your grooming experience by embracing the uniqueness of beard designs, showcasing intricate details achieved with a sharp blade, and effortlessly complementing them with a well-maintained and easily managed hairstyle at the top of the head.

19. Light and Dark

Light and Dark


Embrace the natural contrast if the crown of your head has embraced gray while your beard maintains its original hue. Let this unique distinction shine through with confidence. A long and luscious beard becomes a standout feature, meticulously cared for through regular brushing and indulgent hair oil massages. Meanwhile, the hair on top is sleekly slicked back, achieving a polished look with the assistance of a lightly gelled comb. This intentional play on color creates a distinguished appearance, celebrating the beauty of aging gracefully. Elevate your grooming routine by allowing this harmonious contrast to take center stage, where a well-maintained beard and slicked-back hair coalesce into a refined and distinguished aesthetic.

20. Fringe and Goatee

 Fringe and Goatee


Enhancing the appeal of both round and square faces, goatees emerge as a stylish choice. This particular shape achieves perfect balance through the incorporation of an up-brushed fringe, strategically elongating the face for a well-proportioned look. The beard itself is meticulously shaped, employing the precision of a fine-bladed razor to ensure neatness and definition. This style not only complements different face shapes but also highlights the versatility of goatees in creating a refined and harmonious appearance. Elevate your grooming game with this well-balanced combination, where an up-brushed fringe and a precisely shaped goatee unite to craft an effortlessly stylish and flattering aesthetic for round and square faces alike.


Prioritizing personal grooming is an enduring trend, backed by statistics showcasing the rising interest in men’s skincare and makeup. This heightened focus extends seamlessly to the realm of beards and hair, reflecting the contemporary man’s desire to present himself in the best possible light. Today’s man is keen on looking his best, and the market offers a plethora of styles and products to cater to diverse preferences.

Whether you lean towards a substantial, bushy beard or prefer a more refined and well-preened look, the array of hairstyles and beard ideas available is sure to spark your creativity. These inspirations not only reflect evolving grooming trends but also provide avenues for men to experiment and express their individuality. Elevate your grooming routine with these diverse styles and grooming products, empowering you to craft a personalized look that aligns with your unique style and preferences.

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