short sides and long top hairstyles

Opting for short sides and long top hairstyles strikes a perfect balance between the realms of long and short hairstyles, delivering a versatile and effortlessly stylish appearance for men. This haircut genre seamlessly blends edginess with sophistication, offering a diverse range of styling options. From the chic allure of a brushed-back look and the bold statement of a sassy mullet to the refined elegance of a polished pompadour or the on-trend appeal of a hipster undercut – the possibilities are boundless.

Explore our curated collection of the top 30 cool haircuts featuring short sides and long tops. Each style is crafted to cater to individual preferences, allowing you to express your unique personality through your hairstyle. Elevate your grooming game with these contemporary and trendy options, ensuring you stand out with a look that speaks volumes about your distinctive style.

1. Curly Mullet with Temple Fade

Curly Mullet with Temple Fade


Though curly mullets may trace their roots back to the iconic hairstyles of the 80s, their appeal persists with a contemporary update. A prime illustration of this modernized trend is evident in the textured mullet crafted by Yannick & Gabby.

Notably, this style transcends hair types, proving its adaptability across various textures, including the charm of long, curly strands. This reinterpretation breathes new life into a classic, offering a fresh and stylish take on the timeless mullet, and showcasing its versatility for individuals with diverse hair profiles.

2. Mullet with Micro Bangs

Mullet with Micro Bangs


In the realm of the sought-after mullet haircut, Kevin Miller of Miller’s Salon showcases an adept skill in accentuating its stylish allure. His expertise is evident in the incorporation of a subtle fringe, elevating the overall aesthetic with a contemporary flair.

This thoughtful addition strikes a harmonious balance between a refined and laid-back vibe, resulting in a distinctive fusion that effortlessly catches the eye. The ingenuity behind this unique blend adds a trendy dimension to the mullet, ensuring a standout look that seamlessly blends sophistication with a touch of relaxed charm.

3. Long Curly Top with Faded Sides

Faded Sides


Neville Roman Zammit, the acclaimed Maltese hairstylist, has skillfully achieved a harmonious blend of masculinity and sophistication in his award-winning creations. This distinctive hairstyle presents a seamless fusion of class and a touch of bohemian charm, marrying a long, curly top with an effortlessly tousled demeanor.

The artful juxtaposition extends to the clean-shaven temple area, further enhancing the overall aesthetic. Zammit’s expertise shines through, crafting a look that exudes both refinement and an easygoing, laid-back vibe. Experience the perfect equilibrium of style with this classy and hip hairstyle, a testament to Zammit’s creative prowess.

4. Sharp Fade with a Long Quiff

Sharp Fade with a Long Quiff


Stell, a seasoned professional educator and hairdresser, extols the virtues of “disconnection” as a remarkable technique for introducing an extra layer of dimension to a haircut. The brilliance of this short sides and long top hairstyle, conceived by Stell, lies in its ability to exude confidence while striking a captivating balance between professionalism and a rebellious spirit.

The artful implementation of disconnection elevates the haircut, adding a unique flair that resonates with both precision and a touch of bold individuality. Embrace this style for a look that seamlessly blends the worlds of confidence, sophistication, and a hint of rebellious charm.

5. Disconnected Fade Haircut

Disconnected Fade


Tailored for individuals with dense hair, this haircut serves as an ideal solution by alleviating excessive thickness and bulkiness, resulting in a more lightweight and manageable hairstyle. Crafted by the skilled hands of Pepe from Andsome, this style offers a practical remedy for those seeking a haircut that not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures comfort and ease of styling.

To replicate this appealing hairstyle, simply save the accompanying photo and share it with your stylist during your next hair appointment. Embrace a lighter, refreshed look that perfectly complements your dense hair texture with this expertly designed and customizable haircut by Pepe.

6. Edgy Wolf Cut

Edgy Wolf Cut


Crafted by the skilled hands of Joe Profita, this hairstyle emanates confidence and introduces a rebellious edge to the wolf cut style. The intentional variance in length between the two sections adds a bold and distinctive dimension to the overall look, showcasing the stylist’s artful approach.

What sets this style apart is the expert enhancement of spiky hair texture, achieved through the judicious use of a texturizing product. Revel in a unique and daring aesthetic with this rebelliously bold take on the wolf cut, where deliberate asymmetry meets textured spikes, creating a statement hairstyle that exudes both confidence and individuality.

7. Pompadour with Taper Fade

Pompadour with Taper Fade


The pompadour, a classic and enduring hairstyle, radiates a timeless blend of style, confidence, and charm. When coupled with a low fade, this combination forms a daring and attention-grabbing choice that has the power to enhance your overall aesthetic.

While it demands a degree of upkeep and styling, the results are undeniably rewarding. Embrace the bold allure of a pompadour with a low fade, and experience a look that not only elevates your appearance but also captures the essence of enduring style and charisma.

8. Modern Mullet with Highlights

Modern Mullet


The burst fade hairstyle presents a diverse array of styles, and when expertly paired with a fringe and mullet, the result is a striking and noteworthy look, as demonstrated by the skilled hands of Kevin Luchmun. This hairstyle proves particularly advantageous for individuals with a longer face shape or a larger forehead, as it adeptly works to visually shorten the facial proportions.

Choose this captivating and impressive style to not only showcase a unique blend of elements but also to address specific facial features, resulting in a visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Kevin Luchmun’s creation stands as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed burst fades with fringe and mullet combination.

9. Short Sides and Spiky Long Top

Short Sides and Spiky


Crafted by Tyler Nicolas Cochran, a seasoned hairstylist and owner of Hair House ATX, this textured haircut is undeniably eye-catching. The incorporation of shaved or faded sides introduces an edgy contrast, resulting in a modern and laid-back appearance. This strategic styling choice allows the top hair to command attention, becoming the focal point of the overall look.

Embrace this striking and attractive hairstyle as an expression of contemporary flair and effortless coolness. With Cochran’s expertise, the textured haircut becomes a statement of individuality, showcasing a harmonious blend of edginess and modern aesthetics.

10. Mid Drop Fade with Box Braids

Mid Drop Fade


The mid fade, characterized by a gradual tapering of hair length, effortlessly cultivates a stylish and visually appealing contrast. Elevate your hairstyle to new heights by pairing a braided top with a drop fade, resulting in a trendy and modern look that serves as a canvas for showcasing your creativity and uniqueness.

This dynamic combination not only offers a contemporary twist but also allows you to express your individuality through a blend of intricate braiding and a precisely executed drop fade. Embrace the artistry of this hairstyle, where the mid fade converges with a braided top to create a visually striking and on-trend statement.

11. High Bald Fade with Long Hair on Top

High Bald Fade with Long Hair


Exemplifying a departure from convention, the faded undercut, extra long top, and thick beard collectively embody a willingness to defy norms, symbolizing the latent drive and ambition beneath the surface. To channel this rebellious spirit and emphasize your daring personality, opt for the edgy and cool shaved sides that complement the overall look.

This bold combination not only makes a style statement but serves as a visual representation of individuality and a fearless approach to personal expression. Embrace the fusion of elements that define this distinctive aesthetic, where the faded undercut, long top, and thick beard converge with edgy shaved sides, creating a look that reflects both confidence and a rebellious edge.

12. Bowl feat. Mullet Hairstyle

Bowl feat. Mullet


By blending a burst fade, bowl cut, and mullet, you have the recipe for a stylish and eye-catching hairstyle that not only enhances your features but also infuses a fresh vibe into your overall look. Elevate this unique style further by incorporating a micro fringe, adding a touch of distinctiveness that completely transforms your appearance.

The combination of these elements results in a harmonious fusion of trends, creating a head-turning hairstyle that exudes both style and individuality. Embrace the burst fade, bowl cut, and mullet trio, and let the micro fringe be the finishing touch that sets your look apart, showcasing a truly fresh and captivating aesthetic.

13. Textured Wavy Top with Shorter Sides

Textured Wavy Top


What are your thoughts on this playful hairstyle crafted by Jhony Veiga? The overall look is undeniably impressive, isn’t it? This versatile option offers adaptability for various settings, seamlessly transitioning from casual to more formal occasions depending on your styling preferences.

Jhony Veiga’s artistry shines through, presenting a hairstyle that not only looks awesome but also promises a dynamic and effortlessly chic appearance suitable for a range of occasions. Explore the versatility of this playful hairstyle and let it be your go-to choice, reflecting your style with flair in any setting.

14. Razor Sharp Bald Fade Haircut

Razor Sharp Bald Fade


For men seeking a standout hairstyle, the disconnected undercut proves to be a real game-changer. Choosing this high-skin fade haircut not only makes a bold statement but also accentuates your facial features, exuding a cool and inherently masculine vibe.

The added benefit lies in its ability to minimize maintenance and the frequency of barber visits. Embrace the appeal of the disconnected undercut for a distinctive look that effortlessly merges style with practicality, offering both a statement-making aesthetic and the convenience of reduced upkeep.

15. Skin Fades with Cornrows

Skin Fade


The skin fades with braids, expertly crafted by Brittany Miren, boasts the advantage of being inherently low-maintenance. This style allows you to effortlessly achieve a stylish and polished appearance with minimal effort. However, it’s essential to recognize that maintaining the skin fade component necessitates regular trips to the barber to ensure the fade remains fresh and clean.

Additionally, proper care for the cornrows is imperative, involving regular and thorough moisturization with suitable hair products. Strike the perfect balance between a chic, low-maintenance style and the required upkeep to keep both the skin fade and cornrows looking impeccably stylish and well-groomed.

16. Middle Part Haircut with Low Fade

Middle Part Haircut


The curtain hairstyle, featuring short sides and a fade, presents a timeless and stylish option for individuals in search of a retro-inspired look with a contemporary twist. This haircut stands as a versatile choice suitable for men with any face shape and hair type, although it is particularly recommended for those with square or oval-shaped faces.

Embrace the classic allure of the curtain hairstyle, where the combination of short sides and a fade seamlessly marries the retro aesthetic with a modern edge, ensuring a look that transcends time and suits a variety of personal styles and preferences.

17. Classic Pomp Fade Haircut

Classic Pomp Fade


Unlocking the essence of this attention-grabbing pompadour hairstyle lies in the careful balance of longer hair on top, gradually transitioning to shorter sides that seamlessly blend into an extended back. When requesting this style from your stylist, emphasize the importance of precision in tapering the top section down to the back, a technique achieved skillfully with scissors.

This meticulous approach results in a distinctive pompadour shape, elevating the overall look with a captivating blend of longer and shorter lengths. Embrace this dynamic hairstyle for an effortlessly stylish and attention-catching aesthetic that showcases the artistry of a well-executed pompadour.

18. Long Layered Fringe and Tapered Sides

Long Layered Fringe and Tapered Sides


The crisp and polished contrast of short sides against a longer, layered top defines a distinct style that effortlessly accentuates your hair texture while infusing an edgy flair. Achieve this look at home by incorporating texturizing spray or mousse into your styling routine.

These products play a pivotal role in enhancing the natural texture of your hair, allowing for a dynamic interplay between the shorter sides and the layered top. Elevate your style with this versatile and easy-to-maintain haircut, where the juxtaposition of lengths creates a refined yet edgy aesthetic, offering a polished appearance that emphasizes individuality.

19. Taper Fade for Afro Hair

Taper Fade for Afro Hair


Individuals with a coily hair type can elevate their style by opting for tapered sides, a fantastic choice that enhances the natural volume and texture of the hair. The fade in this hairstyle contributes to providing structure and definition to the afro, imparting a neat and well-groomed appearance. The result is a visually striking and cool look that celebrates the unique qualities of oily hair. Embrace this tailored approach to coily haircare, where tapered sides and a fade combine to create a dynamic style that not only complements the natural texture but also exudes a sense of sophistication and individuality.

20. Short on Sides Curtain Haircut

Short on Sides Curtain Haircut


Blending a middle part with short sides results in a laid-back and effortlessly chic hairstyle that radiates a classy and retro vibe. This haircut serves as a distinctive addition to your overall style, introducing an extra element of flair to your appearance.

Whether you’re heading out for a casual day or making a memorable impression at a special event, this combination effortlessly elevates your look. Embrace the timeless charm of the middle part and short sides, embodying a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic that ensures you stand out with an understated and impactful sense of style.

21. Mid-Length Mullet with Short Sides

Mid-Length Mullet

For the creation of the tousled mullet hairstyle, Florence Chiyoko Oka infused a playful touch by artfully tossing strands in various directions, resulting in a carefree and textured effect. According to Florence, the decision to preserve more length was deliberate, and aimed at maintaining the natural curl of the hair.

This strategic choice proved to be the right move, as the extended length not only accentuates the hair’s wavy texture but also enhances the vibrancy of the copper hair color. Embrace the dynamic interplay of length and texture in this tousled mullet, a testament to Florence’s creative expertise, delivering a hairstyle that effortlessly exudes a lively and vibrant appeal.

22. Classy Quiff with Low Skin Fade

Classy Quiff with Low Skin


The timeless pompadour paired with a taper fade remains a favored option for men seeking a stylish and attention-grabbing hairstyle adaptable to a range of occasions. Its versatility makes it suitable for both casual and formal settings, providing the perfect canvas to express personal style and boost confidence.

Whether you’re navigating everyday activities or attending more formal events, the classic pompadour with a taper fade effortlessly transcends various contexts, ensuring you make a lasting impression while showcasing your unique sense of style.

23. Long Hair with Shaved Temple

Long Hair with Shaved Temple


Irrespective of your hair length, the versatility of a cool high-f fade haircut allows you to tailor the level of drama in the final style to suit your preference. Take inspiration from Chris Boos, who suggests embracing medium-length hair with a distinctive hairstyle featuring side-parted shoulder-length strands and a faded temple.

This unique approach showcases the adaptability of the high fade, offering a trendy and customizable look that effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of drama. Whether your hair is long or short, this style allows you to express your individuality while maintaining a cool and polished appearance.

24. Messy Style for Curly Hair

Messy Style


The interplay of the low fade and the curly top establishes a striking and bold appearance that stands out effortlessly. For those with naturally straight hair, there’s no need for hesitation – consider opting for perms or employing styling tools to achieve the desired curly look.

This transformative contrast not only adds dynamism to your hairstyle but also showcases a fusion of sleek and curly textures. Embrace the boldness of the low fade and curly top combination, allowing it to become a defining element of your style, whether you work with your hair’s natural texture or experiment with styling techniques to achieve the desired aesthetic.

25. Mid Drop Fade with Curly Top

Mid Drop Fade


The mid-drop fade with curls is a hairstyle that seamlessly melds a rugged appearance with a dash of dashing style. Incorporating faded sides is a strategic choice for achieving a sharp and clean aesthetic. Executed with expertise, the fade is skillfully crafted, gradually blending the hair from short to shorter until it seamlessly disappears.

This meticulous approach not only adds precision to the overall look but also contributes to the seamless fusion of tough and stylish elements. Embrace the mid-drop fade with curls for a hairstyle that effortlessly balances toughness and sophistication, creating a dynamic and visually appealing result.

26. Disconnected Pompadour with Skin Fade

Disconnected Pompadour


The disconnected undercut stands out for its remarkable versatility, offering a canvas for a variety of creative styling options. The elongated top section provides ample room for diverse styling approaches, ranging from a slicked-back look to textured variations or even a pompadour, exemplified in this particular haircut from Beast Barber Shop. Simultaneously, the shorter back and sides offer the flexibility of being closely shaved or tapered, delivering a clean and sharp appearance.

For an added touch of distinction, consider incorporating neat lines to accentuate the sharp contrast between the classic pomp styling and the bold fade. The disconnected undercut proves to be a style powerhouse, allowing for personalized and expressive choices that elevate your overall look.

27. Burst Fade with Undercut Design

Burst Fade with Undercut


Opting to brush your long hair back into a man bun provides an effective method for achieving an eye-catching look while preserving the length and volume of your hair. However, for those looking to make a daring statement with their hairstyle, consider embracing a truly unique and one-of-a-kind appearance by incorporating a shaved temple adorned with a distinctive star-shaped design.

This bold choice not only adds an element of individuality but also serves as a striking focal point, transforming your overall look into a personalized and attention-grabbing style. Elevate your hairstyle with this combination of a sleek man bun and an intricately designed shaved temple, showcasing a bold and distinctive aesthetic.

28. Thick Textured Hair with Short Sides

Thick Textured Hair


The quiff hairstyle expertly strikes a harmonious balance, offering a laid-back alternative to the voluminous pompadour. Shorter sides introduce a clean and contemporary touch, enhancing the overall look while ensuring the spotlight remains on the long, textured top.

This style is particularly well-suited for individuals with a thick hair type, as the interplay of length and texture allows for a dynamic and effortlessly stylish appearance. Embrace the versatility of the quiff, where casual meets voluminous and shorter sides add a modern edge, creating a look that is both relaxed and refined.

29. Man Bun and Taper Fade Style

Man Bun and Taper Fade


An appealing feature of this sophisticated hairstyle lies in its low-maintenance design. Thanks to the shorter temples and back, minimal effort is required for styling and upkeep in these areas. The longer hair on top offers versatility and can be effortlessly styled into a neat man bun using hair products such as wax, pomade, or gel.

This not only streamlines the styling process but also allows for achieving a polished and sleek look without the need for extensive maintenance. Embrace the convenience of this classy hairstyle, where the balance of shorter and longer elements ensures an effortlessly refined appearance with minimal styling efforts.

30. Low Skin Fade with Longer Top

Low Skin Fade


Uniting the undercut with a comb-over results in a commanding and unmistakable look that effortlessly captures attention. This hairstyle serves as a powerful expression of your confidence, ambition, and the capability to seamlessly navigate both professional and casual spheres with undeniable style.

The combination of the undercut and comb-over not only enhances your aesthetic appeal but also communicates a sense of self-assuredness and versatility. Embrace this distinctive look as a reflection of your dynamic personality, making a statement that transcends mere style and resonates with qualities of confidence and adaptability in various aspects of life.

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