20 Stylish Middle-Part Hairdos for Men

by Josie kohloff
Middle part Hairstyles for men

“Embraced by men worldwide, the curtain haircut has left an indelible mark, gracing the heads of iconic figures spanning decades. Whether recalling the heyday of the Backstreet Boys or channeling the timeless elegance of Johnny Depp and the modern allure of Lil Peep, the middle-part curtains hairstyle has seen diverse interpretations.

Opting for curtains allows for versatile length adjustments, cleverly contouring your head shape to complement your facial features. Style-wise, the possibilities are abundant—from the carefree and natural cascade to the polished and refined look, tailor it to the occasion or your personal preference. Delve into the ultimate men’s middle part inspiration, exploring a variety of styles that transcend time and trends. Your journey to a captivating curtain-inspired look begins here!”

What’s the Best Way to Wear a Curtain Haircut?

“I hold a particular fondness for traditional haircuts, drawn to their timeless appeal and the legacy of beloved artists who once sported these iconic styles. Among these classics is the middle part haircut, with its roots tracing back to historical figures such as Nikola Tesla. As a symbol of enduring style, the men’s middle part has undergone a fascinating evolution, resurging in various captivating forms that are poised to make a statement in 2023. Explore the rich tapestry of these reimagined styles below, each weaving a unique narrative that bridges the past and the present.”

1. Long Curtain Haircut with Loose Bangs

Long Curtain


“Here’s a compelling illustration of the transformative power of a haircut and styling, particularly in accentuating facial features. The subtle wave in the hair serves as a defining element, allowing the jawline to stand out prominently. It’s a testament to how thoughtful grooming choices can enhance and emphasize unique face shapes, showcasing the impact of a well-crafted haircut on overall aesthetics. Witness the artistry of this styling approach, where every detail contributes to a striking and harmonious visual appeal.”

2. E Boy Haircut



“An authentic teenage classic, the middle zig-zag parting exudes a nostalgic 90s vibe. This distinctive zig-zag element not only channels a throwback aesthetic but also adds a nuanced emphasis to the vibrant green color, seamlessly embodying the eBoy hairstyle. The casually cropped length, reaching halfway down the ears, effortlessly contributes to an air of nonchalance, completing the look with a laid-back yet stylish demeanor. Witness the revival of a bygone era with this uniquely crafted hairstyle, blending retro charm with contemporary flair.”

3. Low Fade Windy Look

Low Fade Windy


“Explore the spirited allure of the ‘Johnny Depp’ look, an ideal choice for those seeking a haircut that effortlessly embraces volume and texture. This playful style is perfect for individuals who enjoy running their hands through their locks, offering a tactile and dynamic experience. For an added touch of dimension, deep point cutting is recommended to enhance the texture, creating a visually captivating and textured effect. Step into a world of voluminous charm and textured elegance with this haircut that encapsulates both style and tactile appeal.”

4. The Curly 70s

Curly 70s


“Witness the transformative charm of a middle part hairstyle, particularly well-suited for those blessed with naturally wavy or curly hair. Embracing a summer 70s vibe, this style features gracefully long bangs that effortlessly complement the natural texture. The synergy between the hairstyle and outfit is key here – aligning the two creates a harmonious ensemble, ensuring a flawless and on-point look. Dive into the realm of effortless elegance with a middle part, where the fusion of waves, length, and style evokes a timeless 70s-inspired aesthetic.”

5. Long Middle Part Bangs

Long Middle


“Opting for a middle parting is a strategic choice for individuals with a long face shape, offering a transformative effect that enhances facial proportions. This hairstyle ingeniously contributes to the illusion of an oval head shape by incorporating volume on the sides, a particularly advantageous feature for those with wavy hair. Introducing a long fringe into the equation adds an extra layer of sophistication, directing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Elevate your look with this tailored middle parting, where thoughtful styling works harmoniously to flatter and accentuate unique facial features.”

6. The Devilish Curtain Hair Look

Devilish Curtain


“Mastering the Yungblud look may require some time and practice, but with the right technique using a blow-dryer and a round brush, it becomes an achievable feat. This distinctive style, synonymous with the artist’s unique aesthetic, demands a level of precision and skill in styling. However, once you’ve honed your skills with the tools at hand, navigating the nuances of a blow-dryer and a round brush, you’ll find yourself well-equipped to replicate this edgy and charismatic look. Unlock the secrets to achieving the Yungblud hairstyle and make a bold statement with your grooming prowess.”

7. The Jock

The Jock


“Tailored for the active and sporty gentleman, the undercut curtains haircut combines a short sides approach with a disconnected top for a contemporary and dynamic look. This style not only exudes modernity but also offers a practical solution for those with an active lifestyle. Achieving the perfect finish is as simple as adding some texture powder, ensuring a hassle-free and effortlessly styled appearance that keeps you looking sharp and ready for any day. Elevate your grooming routine with this sporty take on the classic curtains haircut, striking the ideal balance between style and functionality.”

8. Smooth Pulled Back Middle Part

Smooth Pulled


“Crafted for a captivating allure, the curtain hairstyle comes to life with a seamless fade on the sides gracefully transitioning into longer strands at the front, all centered around a natural middle part. This artful combination of lengths and textures adds a fascinating dimension to the look. For optimal styling, embrace the charm of a matte pomade paired with a fine-toothed comb. This dynamic duo ensures precise control and a polished finish, bringing out the best in this distinctive curtain hairstyle. Elevate your grooming routine with this effortlessly stylish and meticulously crafted hairdo.”

9. The Peaky Blinder

Peaky Blinder


“Embodying an assertive yet refined aesthetic, this curtain haircut commands attention with its aggressive yet sleek design. Opt for a zero on the sides, eschewing any fade, to achieve the distinctive charm of a classic 1920s look. The absence of a fade lends an authentic vintage touch to the style, capturing the essence of a bygone era. To perfect this timeless look, turn to the classic pairing of oil-based grease for styling, ensuring a sleek and polished finish that complements the boldness of the haircut. Transform your appearance with this bold and meticulously executed curtain haircut that pays homage to the elegance of the 1920s.”

10. Au Naturel

Au Naturel


“The crux of achieving appealing middle part hairstyles lies in the organic cascade of the hair. Resist the urge to impose a style; instead, allow the hair to take center stage and convey its natural beauty. The magic of these hairstyles lies in their simplicity, accentuating the inherent elegance of the strands. By encouraging the hair to fall naturally, you create a look that is authentic and speaks volumes in terms of effortless style. Embrace the philosophy that the most alluring middle part hairstyles are those that let the hair do the talking, showcasing its unique texture and movement.”

11. Long and Natural

Long and Natural


“Opt for a casually relaxed vibe with long hair curtains for that effortlessly loose look! If your hair boasts some natural curl, styling becomes a breeze with minimal effort required. Let the texture of your hair shine through, and there’s really not much to fuss about. To perfect this laid-back style, a touch of styling cream serves as the ideal finishing touch. Enhance the natural charm of your long hair curtains with this easygoing approach, where simplicity meets style for a look that exudes relaxed sophistication.”

12. The Rebellious Look

 Rebellious Look


“This bold curtain haircut is tailor-made for those who embrace daring choices without concern for external opinions. For individuals exuding confidence, wearing it with pride is the key. While this style can be challenging to achieve on curly hair, it becomes entirely feasible with a well-executed cut. Embrace your individuality and let this curtain haircut be a testament to your self-assured attitude. With the right cut, conquer the styling challenge and carry this unique look with confidence, showcasing your distinctive personality through your hairstyle.”

13. The Cruella



“Embrace the ultimate male Cruella look with a middle part hairstyle that artfully accentuates the dynamic interplay of two colors. Despite the intricate sectioning of the haircut, the secret lies in allowing gravity to take charge once your hair is dry. This approach effortlessly brings the contrasting colors to life, creating a visually striking effect. Let the natural flow of your hair enhance the unique charm of the Cruella-inspired style, where the middle part serves as a captivating focal point. Achieve this bold and vibrant look with an attitude that lets gravity work its magic, unleashing the dynamic allure of this distinctive hairstyle.”

14. Creative Middle Parted Curtains

Creative Middle


“Admire the captivating interplay of contrast in this distinctive hairstyle! Featuring a high short undercut paired with long, thick, straight hair on top, abundant in texture, this look is a bold reinvention of the classic style. The addition of a bold color further elevates the visual appeal, accentuated by a striking center part. These intriguing elements collectively breathe new life into the traditional aesthetic, offering a modern and dynamic twist. Explore the possibilities of this avant-garde style, where each component contributes to a harmonious blend of contrasts, ensuring a head-turning and fashion-forward statement.”

15. The Golden M Cut

Golden M Cut


“As per the stylist, these short hair curtains cleverly mimic the iconic McDonald’s ‘M’ shape. It’s a playful and attention-grabbing design. However, caution is advised for those seeking to conceal a receding hairline. Paradoxically, attempting to cover it up may unintentionally draw more attention to the receding area. Precision in the cut becomes crucial in achieving the desired balance. Navigate the fine line between style and concealing with care to ensure a haircut that enhances your overall look without inadvertently emphasizing a receding hairline.”

16. Silky Smooth Middle Part Hairstyle

Silky Smooth Middle


“Appreciate the finesse of the scissor over comb technique in creating a nice and smooth middle-part hairstyle. What stands out is the artist’s approach of going with the natural flow of the hair, avoiding any forced manipulation. This method is a testament to the artistry of a middle-part cut – the emphasis lies on maintaining a natural, effortless look. The key takeaway is to let the hair dictate the cut rather than imposing a style, ensuring that the end result is a seamlessly blended and organic middle-part hairstyle that exudes a relaxed and timeless charm.”

17. A Solid Finish

Solid Finish


“Embrace a unique twist with heavy texture at the back and long hair on top in this refreshing take on curtains. Mastering the art of wearing curtains is essential for pulling off this distinct style. The beauty of this cut lies in its versatility and ease of styling, particularly when using a lightweight clay product. With a simple application of a weak clay, you can effortlessly achieve the desired texture and hold, showcasing the appeal of this contemporary interpretation of the classic curtain hairstyle. Explore the possibilities of this look, where the juxtaposition of heavy texture and length creates a harmonious and effortlessly stylish aesthetic.”

18. Braided



“Elevate your long afro hair game by incorporating braids, and consider the middle part as a stylish addition to braided hairstyles for men. Witness how artists, including the trendsetting Travis Scott, are currently embracing this fusion of elements. Braiding not only adds flair to long afro hair but also offers a versatile canvas for creative styling. The middle part, when integrated seamlessly, enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a bold and distinctive look. Join the ranks of those embracing this trend, where braids and the middle part converge for a contemporary and fashion-forward statement in men’s hairstyles.”

19. High Faded Undercut

High Faded


“Discover a hassle-free curtains hairstyle that requires minimal styling effort. Focus on the top and, without concerns for the sides, simply slick it back with a sleek middle parting. This uncomplicated approach streamlines the styling process, making it easy to achieve a polished look without sacrificing time. Whether you’re a grooming enthusiast or prefer a low-maintenance routine, this curtains hairstyle strikes the perfect balance, ensuring a chic and stylish appearance with minimal styling investment. Embrace the simplicity of this approach and enjoy a refined look that effortlessly complements your personal style.”

20. The Schorem Way

Schorem Way


“Concluding our showcase is a traditional Thai-inspired middle part haircut, a nostalgic throwback to my time at Schorem Barbier in Rotterdam. During this period, I had the pleasure of crafting this distinctive cut, leveraging my expertise in old-school traditional haircuts. Working with my model’s naturally straight Asian hair, I opted for a generous application of gel—while not my preferred product, it proved effective in creating the desired wave. This venture into traditional Thai influences aligned seamlessly with my specialization, making the experience truly my own. Explore the charm of this unique middle part haircut, where cultural inspiration and traditional grooming techniques converge for a timeless and personalized aesthetic.”

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