30 Shaggy Haircuts for Men to Dominate 2024 Trends

by Josie kohloff
Shaggy haircuts for men

Introducing our comprehensive guide to shaggy haircuts for men, the ultimate resource to elevate your fashion quotient. Crafted to radiate unparalleled style and confidence, this handbook unveils 30 exceptional shaggy hairstyles designed to make a lasting statement.

Whether you yearn for the relaxed allure of beach vibes or aspire to embrace an edgy rocker aesthetic, our carefully curated selection caters to all tastes. Prepare to unleash seriously cool vibes, rocking that mane with our exclusive guide that seamlessly blends casual chic and bold confidence. It’s time to redefine your style game and embrace the perfect fusion of laid-back elegance.

Explore Our Top 30 Shaggy Haircuts for Men

1. Shag Haircut and Facial Hair Combo

Shag Haircut and Facial Hair


Corey Ciresi, the creative force behind Enjoy Co. Hair Studio in Portland, elevates the rugged, effortlessly cool vibe by seamlessly combining a shaggy haircut with facial hair. This dynamic pairing emanates laid-back confidence, infusing an additional layer of masculinity into your style. Embrace this distinctive combination curated by hairstylist and owner Corey Ciresi, and effortlessly exude a captivating blend of confidence and coolness.

2. Mullet Shag with Undercut Temples

Mullet Shag with Undercut


Ready to infuse a dash of excitement into your shaggy aesthetic? Elevate your look by incorporating some mullet vibes! Trim the sides for a neat appearance, amplify the top for added flair, and let the backflow with longer strands. Introduce an adventurous twist with undercut temples, injecting an edgy and cool vibe into your style. Embrace the fusion of shaggy and mullet elements for a uniquely bold and trendy statement that exudes confidence and individuality.

3. Center-Parted Mid-Length Shag

Center-Parted Mid-Length Shag


Pairing a shaggy curtain hairstyle introduces a relaxed, boho vibe, infusing your look with a laid-back charm. This style strikes a perfect balance, melding the inherently messy-cool shag with a touch of structured elegance. It’s akin to expressing, “I effortlessly embody style, yet maintain a hint of neatness!” Elevate your aesthetic with this fusion that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds, creating a look that exudes stylish ease and a touch of refined allure.

4. Shaggy Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

Shaggy Wolf Cut


Opting for a shaggy wolf cut entails embracing additional layers and heightened volume at the crown, gradually tapering down towards the ends. This hairstyle proves to be an ideal choice for gentlemen with straight hair who aspire to achieve a vibrant and youthful look.

Crafted by the skilled hands of haircutting specialist Nanae from FAIRFAX salon, this shag is a bold and expressive option that undoubtedly deserves a try. Elevate your style with this dynamic choice, and let your hair make a statement that exudes freshness and contemporary flair.

5. 70s-Inspired Curly Shag

70s-Inspired Curly Shag


Imagine capturing the essence of Mick Jagger vibes! Embrace a ’70s-inspired shag haircut for men that showcases longer layers, abundant texture, and effortlessly falling fringe. This hairstyle encapsulates the groovy, retro aesthetic with a contemporary twist, channeling the iconic rockstar appeal. Infuse your look with a sense of timeless coolness, paying homage to the legendary Mick Jagger while adding a modern edge to your style. Elevate your appearance with this dynamic and charismatic choice that effortlessly blends the spirit of the past with a fresh, contemporary flair.

6. Textured Shag Haircut

Textured Shag


Diving into the world of shaggy haircuts for men becomes a game-changer when we add advanced texturizing techniques. Imagine this: Lejan, the skilled owner and hairstylist at Lux Salon, takes the classic shag haircut and kicks it up a notch by making it extra cool and effortlessly messy.

Here’s the deal: Lejan’s expertise brings the haircut to life, giving it a lively touch with dynamic movement and rich, layered texture. Think of it as an artistic mix that rejuvenates your hairstyle. The secret? Texture! It’s like the special ingredient that transforms your look, seamlessly blending coolness and authenticity.

So, when you’re up for a shaggy haircut adventure, consider adding textured layers to the mix. You’ll not only step up your style game but also enjoy a look that’s both classy and naturally charming. And that’s the scoop on how textured shag haircuts can take your style to the next level.

7. Gender-Fluid Shaggy Hairstyle

Gender-Fluid Shaggy


Perfect for anyone, regardless of gender, a gender-fluid haircut seamlessly blends both masculine and feminine elements. Andy Judd, a highly skilled stylist and associate creative director at Local Honey Salon, takes this haircut to the next level. He skillfully maintains volume at the crown while strategically cutting and placing layers to bring out and complement facial features.

This haircut isn’t bound by traditional limits; instead, it offers a versatile and inclusive style that celebrates the unique beauty of every individual. Upgrading your look with this gender-fluid haircut is like bringing together expertise and creativity. It enhances your features and allows you to express your authentic self. It’s more than just a haircut; it’s a statement that embraces diversity and individuality.

8. Long Shaggy Mullet

Long Shaggy Mullet


A lengthy shaggy mullet isn’t just a haircut; it’s a bold style statement! This choice brings serious versatility, effortlessly blending edgy and casual vibes into a distinctive look. Picture this: relive the cool flair of the ’70s, but with a modern twist that lets you explore various lengths and textures.

Upgrading your style with the long shaggy mullet is like combining retro charm with contemporary individuality. It’s not just about a haircut; it’s a way to express your unique personality through your hair. So, if you’re looking for a style that stands out and lets you embrace the best of both worlds nostalgia and modern flair the long shaggy mullet is the way to go!

9. Long Curly Shag Haircut

Long Curly Shag


Imagine the charm of a long curly shag, it’s a dream for guys rocking those longer locks! This hairstyle is not just hair; it’s a playful fusion of wild and stylish vibes. With cascading curls and textured layers, it gives you a dynamic and carefree look that’s hard to resist.

The long curly shag is all about blending whimsy and sophistication, letting your individuality shine through your naturally flowing, textured mane. It’s not just a hairstyle it’s a statement that elevates your appearance. So, if you’re into that free-spirited, charming look, the long curly shag is the perfect choice to embrace your longer locks with style and flair!

10. Mohawk Inspired Short Shag Hairstyle

Mohawk Inspired Short Shag


A short, spiky mohawk in a vibrant chestnut brown hue that screams undeniable confidence and makes a bold statement. This hairstyle is custom-made for spirited and adventurous souls, resonating perfectly with the energy and dynamism of urban living.

It’s not just a haircut it’s a style that blends punk flair with a carefree attitude. This showy mohawk is all about embodying an audacious spirit, setting you apart with an urban-chic edge. So, if you’re looking to make a statement and let your hair do the talking, embracing the daring and vibrant chestnut brown hue is the way to go. It’s more than just a hairstyle; it’s a reflection of your individuality and a bold choice for those who live life on the adventurous side.

11. Razor-Cut Shag with Longer Back

Razor-Cut Shag


If you’re aiming for a laid-back, textured finish, think about asking your barber for a razor cut. This technique brings an effortlessly cool and lived-in vibe to your style, giving it an edgy yet relaxed appearance. The magic lies in the layers created by the razor cut, allowing your hair to flow and move naturally for a breezy and dynamic aesthetic.

Elevating your look with this technique lets your hair exude a relaxed charm while maintaining that distinctive, casually chic edge. So, if you’re after a hairstyle that’s effortlessly cool and easygoing, a razor cut might be the perfect choice to add that extra touch of style to your appearance.

12. Rat Tail Shag Haircut with Highlights

Rat Tail Shag Haircut


The shaggy haircut, embellished with highlights and a unique rat tail, is a daring statement designed for trendsetting individuals unafraid to stand out. This distinctive hairstyle seamlessly merges a retro cool vibe with a modern edge, resulting in a look that’s simultaneously nostalgic and cutting edge.

Keeping the rat tail tidy requires regular trims, a crucial aspect for those embracing this edgy detail. Moreover, the use of styling products proves effective in managing flyaways and enhancing texture, ensuring that this unique hairstyle remains sharp and on point. Elevate your individuality with this audacious combination that encapsulates the essence of retro charm with a contemporary twist.

13. Short 70s Shaggy Hairstyle

Short 70s Shaggy Hairstyle


Unlocking the easygoing spirit of the ’70s is as simple as embracing a short shaggy hairstyle that focuses on texture and layers. Our expert stylist, Pepe from Amsterdam Andsome Salon, has masterfully curated a look that captures the essence of this iconic era. Picture a feathered fringe and enhanced crown volume working together to bring that retro charm to life.

To complete your journey into ’70s-inspired coolness, a touch of product adds the perfect finishing flourish, ensuring your hairstyle is both groovy and effortlessly cool. Join us on this stylistic adventure, guided by Pepe’s expertise, where the harmonious blend of texture and layers culminates in a short shaggy hairstyle that not only exudes timeless allure but also effortlessly resonates with the laid-back vibes of the ’70s. Let your hair tell a story that’s both informative and irresistibly appealing!

14. Medium-Length Shaggy Hair

Medium-Length Shaggy Hair


To achieve a soft and alluring finish on a medium shag with wavy hair, begin with a flow cut, as exemplified by stylist Raresh from Viktor Leske Berlin salon. Opt for a lightweight styling cream or mousse on damp hair, gently scrunching the waves into place. Allow the hair to air dry for a laid-back effect, or use a diffuser to enhance the natural waves with a soft touch. This styling technique, crafted by Raresh, ensures a medium shag with wavy hair that radiates a subtle, natural elegance, perfect for those seeking a relaxed yet polished look.

15. Shaggy Hairdo with Curly Bangs

Shaggy Hairdo with Curly Bangs


Adapting shaggy hairstyles to align with your natural hair texture and desired length is an effortless process. This versatile style specifically honors the inherent bounce and movement of curly hair. To manage curly bangs, introduce a curl-defining cream into your styling routine. Gently twist sections of the bangs using your fingers while employing a diffuser to achieve a controlled and defined look. This approach allows you to personalize shaggy hairstyles, celebrating the unique texture and flow of your natural curls while maintaining a polished and intentional appearance.

16. Classic Short Shaggy Hairstyle

Classic Short Shaggy Hairstyle


A timeless shag hairstyle is characterized by its well-defined layered structure, typically showcasing shorter layers near the crown and gradually lengthening towards the bottom. This particular rendition, expertly crafted by Norwegian stylist Jørgen Bech from SYVOGTYVE salon, serves as an exemplary illustration of classic haircuts. The precision in layering exemplifies the enduring appeal and versatility of the classic shag, making it a perennial choice that stands the test of time in the world of hairstyles.

17. Surfer Shaggy Haircut

Surfer Shaggy Haircut


The shaggy surfer haircut, expertly crafted by stylist Candice Ayers from Bespoke Hair – San Diego Hair Salon, epitomizes the laid-back allure of beach vibes. Marked by choppy layers and longer strands encompassing the top of the head, this hairstyle captures a windswept aesthetic. It embodies a carefree style inspired by the exhilaration of catching waves, often embraced by many young individuals seeking a relaxed yet trendy look. With its breezy and casual appeal, this shaggy surfer haircut seamlessly blends the spirit of the beach with a carefree and youthful vibe.

18. Messy Shag with Faded Beard

Messy Shag with Faded Beard


Japanese barber Kei from MR. BROTHERS CUT CLUB skillfully combines a laid-back, messy aesthetic atop the head with a sleek and well-groomed beard below. This look is a testament to the art of effortlessly stylish contrast, showcasing the seamless blend of casual and polished elements. Kei’s mastery in crafting this juxtaposition elevates the overall appearance, offering a distinctive and contemporary style that resonates with those seeking a harmonious balance between a relaxed, messy top and a meticulously groomed beard.

19. Skater Shaggy Hairstyle

Skater Shaggy Hairstyle


Similar to surfers, skaters have a strong affinity for shag hairstyles. This fringe-focused hairstyle features longer hair on top, contrasted by shorter lengths on the back and sides. It effortlessly strikes a perfect balance between a laid-back demeanor and a crisp, well-defined structure, creating the raddest vibes for those who embrace the skater aesthetic. With its dynamic blend of casual and polished elements, this shag hairstyle captures the essence of the skater culture, offering a look that’s both effortlessly cool and inherently stylish

20. Shaggy Undercut with Fade

Shaggy Undercut with Fade


Harness the transformative power of a shaggy hairstyle paired with a skillful fade, especially beneficial for those with thin hair. This style ingeniously crafts an illusion of thickness and texture through the strategic contrast in hair lengths, providing an optical boost that adds volume and depth to the overall appearance. The seamless combination of a shaggy cut with a well-executed fade not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a clever solution for individuals seeking to amplify the visual impact of their thin hair. Elevate your style with this dynamic and volumizing haircut, tailored to impart a fuller and textured look effortlessly.

21. Curvy Shaggy Hairstyle

Curvy Shaggy Hairstyle


Enhance the allure of a curly shag by incorporating styling gel to accentuate those captivating curves and introduce texture for a more structured appearance. This approach serves as an excellent method to provide hold, shaping your hair into a stylishly messy yet intentional look that beautifully showcases the natural waves. Elevate your hairstyle with the strategic use of styling gel, transforming your curly shag into a dynamic and textured masterpiece that effortlessly blends the charm of natural waves with a touch of structured elegance.

22. Short Shag Haircut with Temple Fade

Short Shag Haircut with Temple Fade


The versatility of a shag haircut with a temple fade makes it a standout choice, especially complementing individuals with oval and round face shapes. The strategic addition of a fade introduces definition, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Meanwhile, the incorporation of choppy layers and texture in the shaggy style plays a key role in softening angles, resulting in a balanced and stylish appearance. Embrace the harmonious fusion of the temple fade with a shag haircut, tailored to flatter specific face shapes and deliver a look that effortlessly combines definition and a touch of trendy sophistication.

23. Low-Maintenance Shaggy Hair

Low-Maintenance Shaggy Hair


Shaggy hair emerges as the champion in the low-maintenance arena! Thanks to its textured and layered structure, this hairstyle effortlessly embraces the natural flow and growth of your hair. This characteristic quality allows for easy styling and cultivates a lived-in vibe without the need for constant upkeep. With shaggy hair, you can revel in the beauty of a style that not only exudes a laid-back charm but also grants you the freedom to maintain an effortlessly chic look without the hassle of frequent styling sessions.

24. Shaggy Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

Shaggy Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs


For men with a round or oval face shape, the type of shaggy hair discussed proves to be the most flattering choice. The inclusion of side-swept bangs serves as a strategic design element, effectively softening angles and introducing a relaxed, flattering frame to the face. This deliberate styling not only complements specific face shapes but also imparts a stylish and effortlessly chic vibe. Embrace this tailored shaggy hairstyle to enhance your features, offering a look that harmoniously blends flattering framing with a touch of relaxed sophistication.

25. Shag Haircut for Thick Hair

Shag Haircut for Thick


This shag haircut is tailored for men with thick hair, presenting a style that they will truly appreciate. Boasting a full head of textured layers, this haircut is expertly crafted to strategically remove bulk. The result is a dynamic look characterized by weightless layers, offering a stylish and manageable solution specifically designed for individuals with thick hair. Embrace this shag haircut to not only showcase the natural texture of your hair but also to effortlessly navigate the challenges of managing thicker strands, ensuring a look that is both fashionable and practical.

26. Shaggy Layered Haircut

Shaggy Layered Haircut


Various shag haircuts showcase distinctive styles, with some flaunting choppy, shaggy layers, while others prefer a smoother, seamlessly blended appearance. To achieve a softer layered finish, target a gentle transition in length from the top to the bottom. This approach ensures the retention of volume while dialing down the edginess, ultimately cultivating a laid-back vibe. Embrace the versatility of shag haircuts, tailoring the transition to your preference for a look that effortlessly balances volume and a relaxed, yet stylish demeanor.

27. Mullet with Blunt Bangs and Shaved Temples

Mullet with Blunt Bangs


Sporting a mullet with straight-cut blunt bangs is a fantastic way to draw attention to your face! The shaved temples cleverly complement the sharpness of the bangs, creating a bold contrast that accentuates your features. This dynamic interplay not only highlights your facial attributes but also infuses a fresh and youthful vibe into your overall look. Elevate your style with this bold mullet variation, where the juxtaposition of elements creates a distinctive and attention-grabbing hairstyle designed to make a statement.

28. Shaggy Haircut with Highlights

Shaggy Haircut with Highlights


If your hair is craving some added depth and dimension, highlights are the perfect solution! They intricately interact with the inherent movement of shaggy hair, providing an extra layer of flair and accentuating the cool, tousled vibe. Elevate your hairstyle with highlights, as they effortlessly infuse a sense of dynamism and character into your shaggy locks, ensuring that your hair exudes a captivating and stylish allure. Explore the transformative power of highlights, where each strand becomes a canvas for enhancing the natural movement and texture of your shaggy hairstyle.

29. Casual Shaggy Hair

Casual Shaggy Hair


Embrace effortless daily styling for your shag haircut routine! Begin by towel-drying your hair and applying a small amount of mousse or texturizing spray. Proceed to blow-dry on a low setting. The key to mastering your shag every day is less emphasis on styling and more on enhancing its natural texture. This approach ensures a laid-back yet polished look, allowing you to effortlessly rock your shag with ease and simplicity in your daily routine.

30. Medium Wispy Mullet

Medium Wispy Mullet


The classic mullet style, often seen with medium-length locks, proves to be incredibly versatile! Don’t hesitate to explore different lengths and cutting techniques to find the perfect fit for you. Collaborate with your barber to introduce layers that create a natural flow and a face-framing style that complements your features seamlessly.

What makes the timeless mullet truly enduring is its role as a canvas for individual expression. There are endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to work closely with your stylist to achieve a look that uniquely reflects your style. Embrace the adaptability of the mullet, and let it be a reflection of your personality and taste. It’s not just a haircut; it’s a journey of self-expression, where you and your stylist can create a distinctive mullet style tailored to your individual preferences.

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