Trendsetting Men’s Flow Hairstyles for 2023

by Josie kohloff
Men's Flow hairstyle

Unlock the essence of men’s flow hairstyles, also known as bro flow or hockey flow hair, epitomizing an aura of effortless coolness that exudes laid-back charm for every occasion. Whether you’re drawn to the beachy, surfer-inspired aesthetic or yearn for a polished twist on cascading locks, we have your style aspirations covered. Explore the paramount source of inspiration for the ultimate flow hairstyle trends in the coming year, blending relaxed vibes with versatile appeal for a look that transcends time and trends.

1. Classic Flow Hairstyle

Classic Flow

A classic status is bestowed upon a flow haircut when it artfully preserves medium-length strands in an enduring and relaxed fashion. In the realm of flow haircuts, the overarching principle revolves around embracing longer locks that cascade gracefully, presenting a versatile aesthetic that stands the test of time. This enduring style encapsulates the essence of timeless charm, ensuring a look that remains effortlessly fashionable and never fades into obscurity.

2. Effortless Bro Flow Haircut

Effortless Bro Flow


Sergio Slavnov, a licensed men’s hairstylist hailing from the vibrant city of New York, skillfully crafted an understated bro flow by artfully sweeping longer strands to the back. The inherent low-maintenance quality enhances its allure, establishing it as a effortlessly stylish choice that can be confidently embraced. Slavnov’s expertise shines through, creating a look that seamlessly combines ease and charm, offering a style that effortlessly complements the dynamic energy of New York City living.

3. Flow Haircut for Thick Hair

Flow Haircut for Thick Hair


Presented by Nunzio Saviano, the esteemed stylist and proprietor of Nunzio Saviano Salon in the heart of New York City, this particular flow haircut stands out with a full head of hair that surpasses conventional lengths. The emphasis on the weight and volume of the luxuriously thick locks contributes to the stylish allure of the flowing hairstyle. Saviano’s expertise is evident, crafting a distinctive and attractive look that captures attention and exemplifies the salon’s commitment to cutting-edge and personalized styling experiences.

4. Short Flow Haircut

short flow haircut


Crafting the perfect short bro flow haircut involves skillfully directing your shorter strands backward while encouraging gradual growth on top. Consistent trims are instrumental in preserving the precise shape of this unique haircut, granting you the freedom to explore diverse products and techniques. This adaptability ensures a seamless journey towards effortlessly achieving the desired look, making the short bro flow a versatile and stylish choice for those seeking a dynamic and manageable hairstyle.

5. Flow Haircut for Straight Hairflow haircut for straight hair


Attaining a sophisticated bro flow is effortlessly accomplished when your hair boasts a natural straight texture. The inherent sleekness of straight hair lends a refined and polished aesthetic to your bro cut. Renowned Filipino stylist, Dencio Aguilar, skillfully curated a cool flow hairstyle tailored for straight hair, introducing a center part that not only enhances the overall symmetry but also brings a sense of balance to the look. Aguilar’s expertise shines through, creating a seamlessly chic hairstyle that embraces the inherent elegance of natural straight hair.

6. Short Flow Haircut with Beard

short flow with beard


Infusing a men’s flow hairstyle with a beard introduces a rugged and confidently stylish fusion. Josh Lamonaca, the accomplished stylist and co-founder of the UK Menspire salon, masterfully paired a meticulously groomed beard with this particular hairstyle. The strategic addition of the beard not only complements the natural flow but elevates the overall aesthetic with a touch of masculinity. Lamonaca’s expertise shines through, demonstrating how the harmonious combination of a well-crafted flow and a carefully maintained beard can create a powerful and charismatic look that exudes confidence.

7. Side Part Bro Flow

side part bro flow


The incorporation of a side part in the bro flow cut stands out as a widely embraced hairstyle, often referred to as the men’s wing haircut. This style imparts a sense of structure and sophistication to the flowing locks, particularly accentuating the appeal for individuals with straight strands. The side part introduces a polished and distinguished appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of the bro flow. Embracing this classic touch not only enhances the hairstyle’s versatility but also underscores its popularity as a timeless and refined choice within the realm of men’s grooming.

8. Bro Flow for Wavy Hair

Bro Flow for wavy Hair


The bro flow finds its ideal companion in naturally wavy hair, where the inherent waves infuse a captivating dimension into the cascading locks. Tommy Ransom, the visionary behind this fabulous wavy flow hailing from Seattle’s Ransom Studio, emphasizes the beauty of embracing the hair’s natural tendencies. “I’m always learning that hair can do some pretty cool stuff if you just ‘Let it live’,” shares Ransom, underscoring the philosophy behind allowing the waves to flourish. This approach not only enhances the charm of the bro flow but also celebrates the unique and dynamic character of naturally wavy hair, creating a hairstyle that exudes both effortlessness and allure.

9. Baseball Flow Haircut

Baseball flow


Frequently embraced by athletes and skaters, the medium-length haircut holds a special place among baseball players. Its popularity stems from the practicality of easily tucking longer strands under a baseball cap during training or games. This clean-cut allure seamlessly blends functionality with style, enabling players to effortlessly transition between casual and sporty looks. The versatility of this hairstyle not only meets the demands of the game but also adds a touch of polished appeal, making it a favored choice among those seeking both practicality and a stylish edge on the field.

10. Faux Hawk Flow Hairstyle

 Faux Hawk Flow


For a gravity-defying flow hairstyle akin to the one crafted by barber Brodie Raeside at Heavy Hands Barber Studio in Ilkeston, England, initiate the process with freshly cleansed hair. Select a styling product tailored to your hair type, applying it generously. Utilize a blow dryer to elevate and sculpt the hair upward and towards the center, achieving that distinctive and weightless appearance. Seal the style with a finishing touch of a firm hold spray, enhancing stability and ensuring the longevity of the gravity-defying look. Raeside’s expert technique exemplifies the art of defying gravity, transforming a routine styling routine into a statement of bold and dynamic hair fashion.

11. Bro Flow for Curly Hair

brow flow for curly


Elevate your natural texture with a captivating curly flow. Allow the inherent beauty of your curls to take center stage by ensuring your hair stays well-moisturized and employing styling products that accentuate its unique shape and provide reliable hold. Renowned Argentinian stylist, Kevin Miller from Millers Salon, expertly curated a balanced and effortlessly chic style with this curly haircut. Miller’s dedication to achieving equilibrium in style and maintenance showcases how embracing and enhancing natural curls can result in a stunning and low-maintenance hairstyle that radiates individuality and charm.

12. Side Part Flow Hairstyle with Beard

side part flow


If the bro flow exudes a dapper vibe that feels a touch too refined for your preference, consider teaming it up with a beard! Whether you opt for a full, robust beard or a shorter, sleek version, the combination imparts a rugged, manly aesthetic that steers clear of preppiness. The side-swept hair plays a crucial role in maintaining balance, ensuring that the beard complements rather than overwhelms your face. This pairing strikes the perfect harmony, offering a distinctive and effortlessly masculine look that seamlessly merges the sophistication of the bro flow with the rugged charm of a well-groomed beard.

13. Flow Hairstyle with Jagged Layers

Jagged Layers flow


Tommy Ransom, the visionary behind Seattle’s Ranson Studio, emphasizes the pivotal role of periodic haircuts in the grow-out process, deeming them as the deciding factor between “make or break” or even “save or shave” scenarios. Ransom advocates for regular trims during each appointment, a practice aimed at preventing split ends and ensuring the seamless growth of your hair until the next scheduled session. This strategic approach not only maintains the health of your hair but also plays a crucial role in cultivating a smooth and uninterrupted growth journey, reflecting Ransom’s commitment to nurturing hair health and achieving optimal results during the grow-out process.

14. Combed Back Wavy Flow

back wavy flow


For ensuring the enduring allure of your wavy locks throughout the day, initiate the styling process at the hairline and delicately progress backward, adhering to the natural wave pattern. Employ top-tier styling products renowned for their efficacy in providing both hold and volume. With this meticulous approach, achieving that effortlessly stylish look becomes a seamless endeavor, as you accentuate and embrace the innate beauty of your waves. Elevate your styling routine with precision and quality products, unveiling a hairstyle that effortlessly captures a chic and enduring charm.

15. Middle Part Flow Haircut

middel part


To embrace a middle-part haircut similar to this distinctive style crafted by hairstylist Heidi from Era Hair Studio in Langley, Canada, commence with freshly cleaned, medium-length hair. Utilize a blow dryer to meticulously shape and define the desired part, gently lifting your hair at the roots to achieve the ideal balance. This methodical approach ensures a polished and well-defined middle part, allowing you to effortlessly rock a sophisticated hairstyle that radiates both modernity and timeless appeal. Heidi’s expertise shines through, demonstrating how meticulous styling transforms a basic cut into a statement look, reflecting Era Hair Studio’s commitment to precision and innovation.

16. Textured Flow Haircut

textured flow


The textured flow haircut is defined by the intentional incorporation of texturing techniques, resulting in a hairstyle that exudes dynamism and enhanced volume. Post-wash, introduce texture using a texturizing spray or mousse, strategically applied to infuse a sense of depth and movement. Style your hair according to your preference, whether opting for a tousled, carefree appearance or a more structured look, achieving that effortlessly cool and versatile vibe. This methodical approach to texturing ensures a dynamic and personalized hairstyle that effortlessly combines modernity with a touch of laid-back charm, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a distinct and stylish appearance.

17. Long Flow Haircut

long flow


For enthusiasts of extended hair lengths, the long hair flow stands out as a potential go-to style. Boasting ample length and a distinct silhouette, this cut, expertly crafted at Antonio Salon & Spa in Birmingham, Michigan, radiates confidence and is custom-tailored for fashion-forward gentlemen aiming to make a bold style statement. With its unique combination of length and shape, the long hair flow offers a trendy and charismatic option, epitomizing a fashion-forward approach that exudes individuality and flair. Antonio Salon & Spa’s commitment to cutting-edge styling is exemplified through this distinctive and confidence-boosting hairstyle.

18. 90s Inspired Curly Flow Hairstyle

Curly Flow Hairstyle


The curly flow haircut emanating from the acclaimed Peles Salon in Pennsylvania seamlessly encapsulates a 90s-inspired vibe. This distinctive style artfully merges the enduring charm of flow hairstyles with the top trends reminiscent of that iconic era. The outcome is a hairstyle that effortlessly channels the timeless flair of the ’90s while maintaining a fresh and fashionable appeal for the contemporary scene. With a nod to nostalgia and a keen eye on current trends, Peles Salon showcases its award-winning expertise by delivering a hairstyle that stands as a harmonious blend of retro charm and modern chic.

19. Bro Flow with Short Beard

bro flow

@ leticiayez

Maintain a well-groomed beard that harmonizes proportionately with the length of your flow, ensuring it serves as a complementary element rather than overshadowing your overall look. According to Leticia Souza, the skilled hairstylist responsible for this particular aesthetic, she further emphasizes that a shorter beard strategically directs attention to the haircut. This intentional balance between the beard and flow ensures a polished and cohesive appearance, allowing each element to enhance the other while showcasing Souza’s expertise in crafting a harmonious and attention-grabbing overall look.

20. Classic Hockey Hair

classic hokey hair


The renowned hockey haircut, a style frequently adorned by numerous ice hockey players, is characterized by its distinctively long and flowing mane. Embodying a laid-back and cool aesthetic, this iconic hairstyle is notable for its characteristic length, gracefully cascading from the back and sides. The relaxed vibe exuded by this flowing mane has become synonymous with the sport, creating an effortlessly stylish look that captures the dynamic and easygoing spirit associated with the world of ice hockey.

21. Heavily Textured Flow with Beard

Heavily Textured Flow


Sporting a textured flow haircut styled in a swept-back fashion can effortlessly evoke the charismatic vibes reminiscent of Hollywood star Bradley Cooper. This timeless and stylish flow hairstyle, expertly crafted by the renowned New York City Martial Vivot men’s salon, elevates your hair game to A-list levels. Exuding a charm akin to Cooper’s signature look, this hairstyle captures the essence of Hollywood sophistication, providing you with a distinguished and effortlessly stylish appearance that stands the test of time. Martial Vivot’s expertise shines through, delivering a haircut that effortlessly merges modern flair with timeless allure, offering a touch of celebrity-inspired glamour to your overall style.

22. Mid Taper Flow Cut

mid tapper flow

Introducing a contemporary twist on the timeless flow style, this haircut maintains a longer top to achieve that coveted flowing effect, providing flexibility to choose your preferred shorter length for the sides. This modern adaptation offers a dynamic balance between the classic flow and personalized preferences, allowing for a fresh and stylish interpretation of the traditional hairstyle. With the extended top and customizable sides, this look provides a versatile and on-trend option for those seeking a distinctive and adaptable appearance.

23. Flow with Thick Beard

flow with thik beard


This particular style truly comes to life on mature men! To exude a balanced and confident appearance, it’s essential to maintain your flow with diligent care and styling. Additionally, ensure that your beard is consistently trimmed and impeccably groomed. This harmonious combination of a well-kept flow and a neatly groomed beard not only enhances your overall aesthetic but also reflects a timeless and confident look. Embrace this approach to grooming, as it perfectly complements the mature individual, showcasing a sophisticated and polished appearance with an effortless sense of style.

24. Messy Layered Flow Haircut

Layered Flow Haircut


Norwegian barber Joacim Olavsen, renowned for his expertise at The Man Cave Barber Lounge, skillfully crafted a laid-back and tousled texture for this layered flow haircut. To replicate a similar look, start by applying a modest amount of texturizing product to damp hair. Then, scrunch your hair with your hands while blow-drying on low heat. This method imparts a relaxed and messy texture, capturing the essence of Olavsen’s expert touch. Follow this simple yet effective technique to achieve a stylish and effortlessly textured flow haircut, as demonstrated by the skilled hands of this talented Norwegian barber.

25. Windswept Bro Flow

Windswept Bro Flow


Sergio Slavnov, the esteemed stylist from New York City, presents a captivating style designed “for men looking to sweep admirers off their feet.” To achieve the allure of a windswept bro flow, the process is simple yet effective. Lift your flowing hair with your fingers and apply a sculpting foam mousse generously. This technique enhances both volume and texture, allowing you to effortlessly embody the windswept aesthetic that Slavnov expertly curates. This approach transforms your hairstyle into an attention-grabbing statement, showcasing Slavnov’s skillful touch in crafting looks that are not only stylish but also designed to leave a lasting impression.

26. Flow with Blended Layers

flow with blended hair


In the realm of trending flow haircuts for men, the middle-part style featuring well-defined layers stands out as a particularly refined choice. To perfect this look, employ a high-quality hairbrush to ensure your hair flows seamlessly. Complete the styling process by applying a light-hold styling product, imparting a polished appearance that accentuates the neat layers and overall sophistication of this haircut. This meticulous approach not only elevates the style but also reflects a commitment to a sleek and refined aesthetic, making it a standout option among contemporary flow haircuts for men.

27. Flow Hairstyle for Thin Hair

thin hair flow


When your hairstyle is in need of dimension, opting for shorter layers can be a game-changer, offering that sought-after volume. Elevate your locks by applying a quality volumizing product and utilizing a blow dryer. This dynamic combination works to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair, providing the dimension and texture your style deserves. Embrace this approach to inject life and vitality into your hairstyle, ensuring a look that not only appears voluminous but also exudes a sense of vibrancy and individuality.

28. Middle Part Flow with Low Taper

middle part flow


Consider this hairstyle as a double-feature cut, boldly integrating distinct lengths without seamlessly blending them. The outcome is an abundance of texture that contributes to an effortlessly carefree appearance. This innovative approach to haircutting combines varying lengths in a distinct manner, creating a dynamic and textured look that sets the stage for a style that is both bold and easygoing. Embrace this double-feature haircut for a unique and textured aesthetic that effortlessly captures a sense of individuality and contemporary flair.

29. Mullet Flow with Faux Hawk

Mullet flow haircut

The charm of this hairstyle emanates from its seamless fusion of classic and modern elements. A distinctive and stylish blend of edginess and tradition is expertly curated by a Swedish GRO salon. This unique approach encapsulates the essence of a hairstyle that transcends time, capturing both the enduring appeal of classic aesthetics and the contemporary edge of modern trends. The result is a harmonious marriage of styles that effortlessly stands out, showcasing the salon’s adept ability to craft looks that seamlessly blend tradition with a contemporary edge.

30. Timeless Medium Length Flow Cut

Timeless medium flow cut


The medium-length flow emerges as a versatile hairstyle catering to gentlemen desiring a harmonious balance between shorter and longer flow styles. Crafted by certified stylist Breena Lang from Chicago C’zar Salon Spa, this hairstyle presents a trendy and adaptable look suitable for various occasions. Its medium length strikes a perfect equilibrium, offering the wearer flexibility and ease of styling while maintaining a fashionable and on-trend appearance. Breena Lang’s expertise shines through, illustrating how this versatile medium-length flow can seamlessly cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking both style and practicality in their hairdo.



Whether you’re well-versed in the art of flow haircuts or venturing into this stylish trend for the first time, these men’s haircuts open up a world of possibilities for expressing your individual style. Master the flow, redefine your look, and remain at the forefront of men’s fashion this year with these fantastic flow hairstyles. Explore the endless options, embrace your unique style, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of men’s grooming trends.

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