Explore 27 Stylish Wolf Cut Hairstyles for Men in 2023

by Josie kohloff
Wolf haircuts for men

The wolf cut trend is making waves, and it’s truly fantastic! Drawing inspiration from both shag haircuts and mullets (a commonly used term for different versions of these styles), it stands out as one of the most captivating and easy-to-manage men’s hairstyles for 2023. Discover a selection of top-notch wolf cuts for men, ensuring you land on the perfect hairstyle for you.

1. Buzzed Sides Curly Hair Wolf Haircut

curly hair wolf cut

Opt for a tailored, short, and tidy trim along the sides to handle your hair texture effectively. This style bears a resemblance to the mullet, offering a fantastic choice for enthusiasts of the shaggy, textured wolf cut aesthetic.

2. Oasis Style Wolf Cut for Men

 Oasis Style Wolf Cut for Men


Explore this stylishly disheveled wolf cut, ideal for individuals with a hint of natural movement in their hair. Tailored for fine to medium hair textures, this haircut embodies a timeless classic that never loses its charm.

3. Alternative Blonde Wolf cut

Alternative Blonde Wolf cut


Perhaps you’re drawn to a more daring vibe? Consider experimenting with an unconventional appearance featuring layers that play with proportions and bleached hair. Keep the cool factor intact by using a silver shampoo, ensuring that this cut exudes a uniquely appealing kind of distinctiveness.

4. Heart-Throb Medium Length Wolf Haircut

Heart-Throb Medium Length Wolf Haircut


Embodying a nostalgic teen heartthrob aesthetic, this hairstyle transports you back to those unforgettable high school days. With a medium-length profile, it strikes a balance between maintaining a strong, masculine shape and capturing the essence of youthful allure.

5. Low-Maintenance Wolf Cut with Contrasting Edges

Wolf Cut with Contrasting Edges


Opt for simplicity with a short length while experimenting with various effects on the edges of your wolf cut. Break away from the norm and infuse some creativity! The interplay of soft layers along the neck and sharp lines adds both an edgy quality and a harmonious balance to this distinctive hairstyle.

6. Shaggy Hair Details

Shaggy Hair Details


Achieve the effortlessly shaggy hair vibe by requesting a razor cut from your barber. Add abundant texture for a carefree, tousled appearance that’s easy to manage on the go. Ideal for medium to thick hair, the razoring technique efficiently reduces bulk and weight, enhancing movement and providing a laid-back, stylish look.

7. Short Wolf Cut with Bangs and Undercut

 Wolf Cut with Bangs and Undercut


Ideal for those with thin hair, this mullet featuring undercut sides offers a perfect solution. The concept involves removing the sides, allowing the top to be filled with textured layers. This style is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing thinning hair who desire a wolf cut that provides both substance and style.

8. E-Boy Aesthetic Wolf Hairstyle

Aesthetic Wolf Hairstyle


This versatile and low-maintenance style adapts well to various face shapes. Opt for a shaggy texture, retain a bit more length, and choose to style it either on or off your face. The beauty of this look lies in its adaptability, allowing you the freedom to change up your appearance daily.

9. Bowl Shape Wolf Cut

bowl wolfcut


Embracing a bowl-like shape with layered intricacies at the back, this mullet hairstyle exudes a distinct charm. The addition of wispy layers encourages natural movement, creating a look reminiscent of the popular South Korean k-pop vibe. Its TikTok-friendly appeal makes it more than just a hairstyle—it’s a potential viral sensation waiting to happen.

10. Curly Hair Blonde Wolf Cut

Curly Hair Blonde Wolf Cut


Evoking carefree summer vibes, this beach boy look is the epitome of laid-back style. For those with curly hair, enhance your natural texture by incorporating choppy layers—they play a key role in defining curls, ensuring you’re all set to ride the waves with effortless flair.

11. Balanced Out Wolf Cut

balances out wolf cut


Looking for a versatile short haircut? Opt for this well-balanced wolf cut hairstyle. With movement both in the front and back, complemented by short layers on the crown, it provides you with the flexibility to style it up or down according to your preference. The choice is entirely yours, offering a versatile and stylish option for your short hair needs.

12. Choppy Wolf Cut with Whispy Layers

Choppy wolf cut


A timeless rendition of the wolf cut for men, this long shag embraces classic elements while incorporating a modern Gen Z flair in its styling. The extended bangs add a touch of sophistication, especially complementing those with thin hair types. Indeed, this hairstyle brings a contemporary edge to a traditional favorite. Yep, yep, yep – it’s a winning combination of style and versatility.

13. Wolf Cut for Men with Thick Hair Texture

 Wolf Cut for Men with Thick Hair Texture


If you find yourself with a full chunk of hair in need of a stylish transformation, entrust your stylist to work their magic at the salon. By skillfully removing excess bulk, a wolf haircut can grant you the freedom and movement your hair craves. It’s a transformative style that not only adds flair but also enhances your overall ease of movement and style.

14. Undone Shaggy Wolf Hair

shaggy wolf cut

The wolf cut is a versatile choice that complements all face shapes, but it truly shines on hair with a touch of curl. For those blessed with curls, opt for abundant layers and long bangs to enhance the natural charm. What makes this style even more appealing is its simplicity in maintenance – just wash, let it air dry, and you’re effortlessly ready to go. No fuss, just an easy and stylish look for your daily routine.

15. Short Wolf Cut with Heavy Layers

short wolf cut


Achieving a style like this involves opting for a short and neat cut, maintaining length both in the front and back. Specifically tailored for individuals experiencing thinning around the hairline, this haircut strategically incorporates heavy layers on the crown. This not only adds thickness but also cleverly conceals a receding hairline, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a polished and flattering look.

16. Precision Cut Wolf Hairstyle on Dark Hair

 Precision Cut Wolf Hairstyle on Dark Hair


Exuding a distinctive bowl cut energy, this hairstyle takes a twist with its messy crown layers, presenting an excellent wolf cut concept. The pronounced, sharply curved line between the short and long layers ensures that this wolf cut isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. Embrace the chance to stand out from the crowd with this uniquely bold and attention-grabbing look.

17. Undercut Wolf Hair

undercut wolf


Frustrated by your hair constantly brushing against your ears? Simply eliminate the hassle by opting for a wolf haircut that dispenses with the sides. As a bonus, this style boasts remarkable longevity, making it an exceptionally low-maintenance choice. Say goodbye to last-minute stylist calls for bookings – with this wolf cut, convenience and style go hand in hand.

18. Choppy Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

Choppy wolf


Achieve a rugged and jagged effect in your layered wolf cut by embracing choppy layers, especially if you have straight hair. The styling exudes a bold shape, presenting a statement cool-dude look that emanates a trendy 90s vibe – a style that’s currently all the rage. Embrace this edgy aesthetic for a distinctive and on-trend appearance.

19. Mick Jagger Long Hair Wolf Cut

long hair wolf


Suitable for various face shapes, this style exudes the unmistakable essence of the Rolling Stones. If you envision yourself with a touch of rock star flair, the wolf cut is an ideal choice to experiment with. Channel your inner Mick Jagger and embrace this iconic look – because if it’s good enough for Mick, it’s certainly good enough for the rest of us. Unleash your inner rock star and make a bold statement with this timeless and effortlessly cool wolf cut.

20. Slicked Back Mullet Hairstyle

slicked back cuts


Effortlessly remove the hassle of hair constantly in your face with this clever mullet wolf haircut. This style is designed to keep your hair out of the way without any unnecessary drama or added edge, allowing you the freedom to focus on whatever you need to do. It’s a practical and stylish solution for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality in their hairstyle.

21. Long Wolf Cut with Square Layers

 Long Wolf Cut with Square Layers


Crafted with a technique known as square layers, this haircut achieves a distinctive look through 90-degree styling, adding sharpness and a touch of edge to the overall shape. The result is a sharp, smart, and iconic appearance that perfectly embodies the essence of the wolf cut trend. Embrace the precision and sophistication of this styling method for a wolf cut that stands out with a unique and modern flair.

22. Low Maintenance Wolf Cut

Low maintanance wolf cut


Design a lifestyle where your hairstyle is the least of your worries until your salon visit. This meticulously crafted wolf cut offers the flexibility to be worn effortlessly, with or without any styling products. Whether you prefer a simple wash-and-go routine or want to invest a bit more energy into your look when the mood strikes, this versatile cut accommodates both preferences, providing a hassle-free and adaptable solution for your hairstyling needs.

23. Power Wolf Cut Mullet

power wolf cut


If you’re rocking long hair and craving a bold and striking style, look no further than this long wolf cut. This versatile cut can be embraced as a shag, especially if you have naturally curly hair, or you can choose to perm your hair for added body and texture. The extended back not only exudes confidence but also contributes to an enviable and impactful look. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the charisma of a confident man? Elevate your style with this long wolf cut for a distinctive and self-assured aesthetic.

24. Classy Shag Wolf Cut

classy shag wolf cut


Embrace simplicity, class, and timelessness with this wolf cut that channels the original shag vibes, radiating a distinct 70s energy. Ideal for gentlemen with a natural movement in their hair, achieving this classic wolf cut involves texturizing your locks with substantial layers. The result is a refined and enduring style that effortlessly captures the essence of a bygone era while remaining relevant and chic. Opt for this timeless look to elevate your appearance with a touch of vintage flair and contemporary charm.

25. Modern Mullet Wolf Cut

Mullet wolf cut


Refine those sideburns for a polished touch and opt for the faux mullet wolf cut. Tailor the lengths to align with your preferences and face shape. For added texture in straight hair, simply request your stylist to elevate the cut with a wolf-inspired touch. This versatile style allows for customization, ensuring you achieve the perfect balance of sophistication and edge. Enhance your look with this faux mullet wolf cut, showcasing your individuality with a contemporary and trendy aesthetic.

26. Wolf Cut with Flicks and Bends

wolf cut with flickes bend


Elevate your wavy hair with a unique twist by opting for the wolf cut, introducing a new dimension to those natural kinks. Request heavy layers to be incorporated into your wavy locks, and impart a wispy feel to the bangs for a relaxed and effortless look that beautifully complements the waves. This customized approach not only adds character to your hairstyle but also enhances the natural texture of your wavy hair, giving you a distinctive and fashionable appearance.

27. Curly Wolf Cut Mullet

Curly Fade


Celebrate your curls by shedding the sides, leaving behind all the playful elements for you to experiment with. Wolf haircuts, exemplified by this style, offer remarkable versatility and can be effortlessly paired with almost any fashion. So, why not embrace the opportunity to try something new and make this distinctive wolf cut your go-to hairstyle? It’s a playful and stylish choice that complements your curls while allowing for endless styling possibilities.


Clarifying the landscape of men’s wolf cuts, it’s essential to navigate the various titles assigned to haircuts. To avoid any ambiguity, save your preferred wolf cut images to Pinterest and share them with your stylist, articulating the specific elements you admire. The crucial takeaway here is the remarkable versatility of the wolf cut, whether in a short or long rendition. Its adaptability ensures it harmonizes with diverse face shapes and hair textures, offering a personalized and stylish solution for your unique preferences.

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