Quiff hairstyles for men

What’s a Quiff Hairstyle?

The quiff, a favored men’s hairstyle, involves combing the hair upwards and backwards, crafting volume and elevation at the crown. This cut boasts precise lines and an elegant finish, appealing to men in search of a chic and contemporary look.

Adaptable for various occasions, from informal gatherings to formal events, it can be tailored to complement almost any face shape, style preference, and hair texture. Embraced by notable personalities like Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., and numerous others, the quiff imparts a refined appearance to any gentleman.

Discover the latest trending variations and optimal styling products for achieving a durable, impeccable look.

The Quiff vs. The Pompadour

The Quiff vs. The Pompadour

At first glance, the quiff may appear akin to the pompadour, yet notable distinctions set these two hairstyles apart.

Individuals sporting a quiff style their hair forward, crafting an airy, vertical volume at the front that sometimes boasts an intentionally tousled appearance. This elevated section can be directed to flow to the side.

In contrast, the pompadour involves brushing or combing the hair backward, presenting a denser texture. Many individuals prefer their pompadour to exude a sleek, tightly groomed, and glossy finish.

Best Face Shapes for the Quiff

Merely adopting a trendy quiff isn’t adequate for making a distinctive statement—the style needs to complement your facial structure. While men with a round face can effortlessly carry off a quiff in various styles, the quintessential match for a timeless quiff is the square face shape. For those with a slender face, opting for a short quiff would be the most suitable choice.

Quiff Hairstyles by Hair Length

Considering men’s hairstyling, taking into account hair length and texture is pivotal, given that the hair type significantly influences the overall outcome.

Short Hair Quiff

Short Hair Quiff

The top section of the hair is slightly longer, especially at the front, providing ample flexibility for personal styling preferences. This particular quiff hairstyle is ideal for men with shorter hair, offering simplicity in both its haircut and maintenance.

A favored version of the short hair quiff is the soft side-swept quiff or comb-over. These styles maintain clean sides, evoking a classic, vintage aesthetic.

Medium Hair Quiff

Medium Hair Quiff

Crafting a substantial volume of hair on the top while keeping the sides and back relatively shorter results in a medium-length quiff. For this quiff haircut, a hair length of about 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) is considered optimal. Anything longer than this would venture into the realm of a long hair quiff.

Long Hair Quiff

Long Hair Quiff

Ideal for men blessed with luxurious locks, the long hair quiff offers a distinctive look. Yet, it demands more dedication for maintenance and styling, taking additional time for its care.

Opting for a swept-back cut might accentuate a receding hairline. However, if this is a concern, alternatives like the taper fade or messy haircuts that sweep forward can be considered.

Long Hair Quiff with Undercut Fade

Long Hair Quiff with Undercut Fade

Beginning with long hair sets a solid foundation for crafting a timeless quiff. However, the emphasis remains on amplifying volume on the top while keeping the sides and back relatively shorter. For an enhanced appearance, complement this style with a well-groomed, clean-cut beard.

Long Textured Quiff with Shape Up and Beard

Long Textured Quiff with Shape Up and Beard

This style exudes a charming and sophisticated allure. As depicted in the accompanying image, the hair elegantly cascades to the side, forming textured bundles that onlookers may be enticed to touch. Perfect for a night at the club or a professional setting, this hairstyle positions you as an in-demand individual, exuding confidence and charisma.

The Best Quiff Hairstyle Combinations

Discover a Range of Modern Quiff Hairstyles for Men, from Timeless Renditions to Present-Day Variations.

Undercut Quiff

Undercut Quiff

The undercut quiff hairstyle is most suitable for thicker hair textures. It involves disconnecting the hair on the sides from the top, typically achieved through a fade or taper style. A sharp cut accentuates the contrast in length, enhancing the distinct look of this style.

Classic Quiff

Classic Quiff


The disparity in length between the top and the sides is often minimal in a classic quiff, and the front section typically isn’t meticulously styled. This allows you to embrace your hair’s natural texture and work with your inherent part, using just your fingers for styling.

The distinction between the classic and modern quiff styles is evident in the imagery above and below. A classic quiff typically exhibits a more gradual transition of hair length from the top to the sides and back. In contrast, the modern quiff showcases a more noticeable contrast between the hair atop the head and the sides and back.

Disconnected (Modern) Quiff

Disconnected (Modern) Quiff

In contrast to the classic quiff, the modern interpretation lacks a gradual shift from the top to the sides. Instead, a distinct, sharp transition to shorter hair occurs at a specific point, typically pronounced in its delineation.

Taper Fade with Quiff

Taper Fade with Quiff

Employing the taper fade technique entails a gradual reduction of hair length from the sides and back, creating a seamless transition from the fuller hair on top to the neckline. This method contributes to a polished and well-groomed appearance.

Messy Quiff

Men endowed with a full head of hair find the messy quiff particularly suitable. This style is characterized by its low-maintenance nature, requiring minimal time for styling.

How to Get a QuiffHow to Get a Quiff

How to Order the Quiff Hairstyle at Barber Salon

Two crucial elements for achieving the perfect haircut include adequate preparation, where a clear understanding of the desired style is key, and effective communication with the barber to ensure your vision is well conveyed. While being familiar with hairstyling terminology can be beneficial, presenting a picture of the specific hairstyle desired is often the most effective approach.

Equally important is having the necessary prerequisites for your haircut. For a quiff style, having sufficiently long hair is essential. To achieve the trending textured quiff, utilizing clippers to attain a high skin fade on the sides is recommended. To maintain some length while avoiding an excessively short cut, opting for a longer, tapered number 2 could be an ideal choice.

The DIY Quiff Styling Process

To style, begin by applying a small quantity of styling product, working it through your hair using your fingers to achieve a textured, refined yet slightly disheveled appearance. Concentrate primarily on the bangs and the top, running the product sideways. Subsequently, gather the hair firmly and pinch it to fashion a rough yet harmonious volume. If desired, consider setting the style with a light application of hairspray.

Prior to styling, it’s advisable to establish the foundational shape of your hair by blow-drying with a hairdryer. Guide the front hair upward to stand straight, directing it backward or to the side. Using a roller brush can expedite this process, aiding in the creation of the desired style while ensuring ease and efficiency.

Hair Products for Your Quiff Hairstyle

Discovering personalized products tailored to your specific styling requirements can significantly impact both your appearance and confidence, while also streamlining the time spent on styling. Explore a selection of top-notch men’s hair products curated to assist in achieving the ideal quiff hairstyle.

Styling Pomade

An indispensable product, especially for taming curly or permed hair, is pomade. Regardless of the hair’s length, pomade is exceptional for crafting bold quiff hairstyles, providing ample volume with its strong grip. Not only is it effortless to apply, but it also washes out easily without causing damage to your hair. Just a small amount of pomade evenly distributed on your palm and smoothed over your hair is all you require to achieve the flawless quiff style.

Styling Clay

Clay is a reliable choice for maintaining your hair in a relaxed state for an extended duration, ensuring even distribution of the hair strands. This not only contributes to a thicker appearance for your quiff but also elevates the texture, enhancing both the look and feel of your hairstyle.

Suitable for all hair types, clay delivers a natural appearance when applied sparingly to your quiff. Additionally, it serves as an excellent product for those final touch-ups, adding that perfect finishing detail to your style.

Styling Wax

For achieving quiffs with impressive volume and enduring hold, styling wax emerges as another outstanding option, offering flexibility in how you style your hair. Notably, compared to various other styling products, wax excels in producing a distinctive “bundle” effect ideal for crafting quiffs. It’s crucial to apply wax to dry hair and avoid its application directly to the roots. To optimize its effectiveness, ensure you evenly rub the wax between your palms until it becomes transparent before applying.

Wearing the Quiff Hairstyle like a King

Wearing the Quiff Hairstyle like a King

Similar to any hairstyle, the quiff’s suitability is contingent upon several factors, including the specific occasion and the attire you’ll be sporting.

The Best Scene for a Quiff

On special occasions, pairing an undercut with a taper fade along with a full beard can create a striking, masculine appearance that is sure to capture attention. Opting for a side-parted or classic quiff is an excellent choice for formal events. Consider complementing a tuxedo with a sleek swept-back quiff for a polished look.

Conversely, an undercut taper-fade quiff combined with a clean shave offers a more casual aesthetic, drawing focus to the eyes, suitable for various occasions. For relaxed weekends, a messy quiff can be a stylish and effortless choice.

Attracting Romance with the Quiff

The prevalence of male celebrities sporting the quiff hairstyle at red carpet events is hard to miss. Their choice resonates for a significant reason—they recognize its ability to exude a masculine elegance, showcasing not just good fashion sense but also a compelling self-confidence that is undeniably attractive. Embracing this style ensures that you’ll effortlessly garner the right kind of attention, setting a high standard and presenting yourself as a man of refined taste and sophistication.

Origins of the Quiff Hairstyle: Classic to Modern

Origins of the Quiff Hairstyle

The reminiscently styled pompadour had its heyday as far back as the 19th century. However, the evolution of hairstyles led to the emergence of the quiff by the mid-20th century.

The modern quiff is an amalgamation of two iconic ’50s hairstyles—the pompadour and the military flat top—sometimes featuring elements of a mohawk. Recent trends have shaped the modern quiff, emphasizing more hair at the front and top of the head, transitioning into shorter hair on the sides and back.

Complete Your Look with a Killer Quiff

Many affirm that one’s hair plays a pivotal role in defining one’s persona, establishing the foundation for an overall appearance. Embracing a fashionable hairstyle like the quiff often contributes to a well-groomed look.

By leveraging suitable hair products and following the uncomplicated styling guidelines outlined above, achieving and maintaining the ideal quiff style becomes an effortless way to accentuate and complement your features.

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