Permed Mullet Hairstyles for men

Embrace the cyclical nature of style as we witness the resurgence of iconic haircuts from the 80s and 90s, with permed mullets reclaiming their status as a trendsetter. This unique fusion of a perm, shorter sides, and elongated back strands offers a journey into the realm of cool and experimental hairstyles, ensuring you won’t go unnoticed! Explore these 30 contemporary permed mullet ideas to infuse your everyday look with a touch of stylish retro vibes. Elevate your hairstyle game with this revival that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds, striking the perfect balance between nostalgia and modern flair.

1. Softly Permed Mullet Haircut

Softly Permed Mullet


Elevate your mullet game by incorporating perms, a transformative touch that introduces texture to mid-length hairstyles. This particular style proves especially appealing for gentlemen boasting dark brown or brunette locks, as the deeper hues tend to exude a more polished appearance when paired with perming. Embrace the versatility of this trend, adding a dynamic edge to your look while maintaining a sophisticated allure. Dive into the realm of textured mid-length hair, where perms seamlessly amplify the appeal of your mullet, ensuring a distinctive and fashion-forward statement.

2. Long Permed Mullet with Tight Curls

Long Permed Mullet


Count yourself fortunate if you boast lengthy locks, as achieving the spectacular mullet haircut becomes effortlessly attainable. Individuals endowed with naturally relaxed curls have the option to maintain their inherent hair texture, enhancing the allure of this style. Alternatively, those with ample length can transition from surfer waves to tightly defined ringlets, elevating the magnificence of the mullet to new heights. Explore the versatility within this haircut, allowing your long strands to become the canvas for a truly spectacular and personalized statement. Whether embracing the innate curls or opting for a transformative twist, the long-strand mullet promises a captivating and dynamic hairstyle.

3. Permed Hair with Temple Fade

Permed Hair with Temple Fade


Within this mullet hairstyle, the temple fade assumes a pivotal role, contributing to the definition of the permed locks while elevating the contrast between the hair and the closely shaved sides. This strategic inclusion of the temple fade not only adds a layer of definition but also accentuates the overall allure of the style. The result is a visually striking and unique appearance that seamlessly blends permed texture with the distinctive charm of shaved sides. Embrace the catchy and individualistic nature of this mullet variation, where the temple fade serves as a key element in achieving a head-turning and fashionable aesthetic.

4. Perm Mullet Haircut with Bangs

Perm Mullet


Embrace a nostalgic journey to the vibrant eras of the 80s and 90s with permed mullets, a hairstyle that resonates with the spirit of the past. If this aesthetic aligns with your personal sense of self, don’t hesitate to adopt this trendy haircut. The permed mullet exudes a sense of fun, catches the eye with its catchy elements, and radiates undeniable style. This nostalgic revival allows you to seamlessly blend the best of vintage charm with a contemporary edge, resulting in a look that is not only trendy but also uniquely expressive of your individuality. Dive into this fashionable fusion for a hairstyle that is as distinctive as it is stylish.

5. Mullet Perm with Subtle Highlights

Mullet Perm


Ideal for individuals blessed with naturally curly hair or those aspiring to achieve contemporary beach wave perms, this hairstyle option offers a perfect match. Elevate the appeal of this cut by incorporating warm blonde highlights, creating a striking contrast against black hair. This clever combination not only adds texture but also introduces dimension to your locks, resulting in a hairstyle that is both modern and visually captivating. Whether you’re embracing your natural curls or opting for a beach wave perm, the infusion of warm blonde highlights takes this look to the next level, offering a textured and dimensional finish that effortlessly stands out.

6. Timeless Perm Haircut for Thick Hair

Timeless Perm Haircut

For those with long, thick hair seeking to avoid a bulky appearance, consider embracing a mullet with a permed back. This hairstyle strategically thins out the mane at the crown while accentuating trendy perms at the back. To enhance the overall effect, remember to incorporate a texturizing mousse or spray, ensuring the definition of layers on the top and the permed texture at the back. This thoughtful combination not only addresses concerns about bulkiness but also adds a stylish dimension to your look. Optimize your long, thick hair with this mullet variation, achieving a balanced and trendy aesthetic that celebrates both volume and texture.

7. Natural Blonde Curly Mullet

Natural Blonde Curly Mullet


Admire the allure of this hairstyle, celebrated for its extraordinary volume, accentuated by a captivating ashy blonde hue. Achieving these appealing curly textures is made possible with the use of medium-sized perm rods, adding a dynamic and stylish dimension to your locks. Elevate the overall luster of your hair by applying a touch of hair oil, imparting a radiant shine that enhances the magnificence of the curls. This combination of volume, color, and texture makes for a striking and fashionable statement, ensuring your locks shine with both vibrancy and health. Opt for this stunning hairstyle to embrace a look that seamlessly blends bold volume with the timeless elegance of ashy blonde tones.

8. Long Permed Mullet with Undercut Design

Long Permed Mullet


The standout feature of the permed mullet lies in its versatility, allowing seamless pairing with other popular styles. Take, for instance, this distinctive mullet look that harmonizes effortlessly with an undercut boasting an extravagant design. The marriage of the permed mullet and a creatively crafted undercut enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a look that is not only trendy but also uniquely personalized. Explore the endless possibilities of combining styles to curate a signature appearance that speaks volumes about your individuality. The permed mullet, when coupled with an attention-grabbing undercut, transcends traditional boundaries, resulting in a bold and fashion-forward statement that leaves a lasting impression.

9. Wet-Look Short Perm Mullet

Wet-Look Short Perm Mullet


Embrace a carefree yet polished aesthetic with this hairstyle choice, achieved through the incorporation of shorter permed hair strands. Versatile across all hair types, this option is particularly well-suited for those with thin curls. Elevate the overall appeal by applying a glossy spray, imparting a chic and cool wet look to your perms. This effortless and adaptable style not only exudes a carefree vibe but also ensures a presentable appearance. Embrace the freedom to adopt this look, tailored for thin curls, and enhance its charm with the application of a glossy spray for a touch of contemporary elegance.

10. Natural Perm Mullet with High Fade

Natural Perm Mullet


Experience an offbeat and distinctive look by combining the dynamic duo of curly hair and a mullet. Attaining these voluminous curls is a breeze – a quick trip to the barber shop for perms will do the trick. Save a photo of this inspiring style as a reference for your next visit to the barber, providing a clear visual guide for the desired outcome. This unconventional fusion of curls and a mullet promises a unique and standout appearance, ensuring that your new style is a reflection of individuality and bold expression. Let this distinctive combination be your inspiration for a head-turning and memorable hairstyle.

11. Stylish Shaggy Cut for Permed Hair

Stylish Shaggy Cut


Highlight your lively curls with this playful shaggy cut, featuring a shorter back and longer front. To enhance the natural and relaxed appearance of your perms, opt for a clarifying shampoo and a nourishing leave-in conditioner. These products work synergistically to maintain a more authentic look to your curls. Here’s a tip to take it up a notch: consider adding a mustache for an extra touch of funkiness. Elevate your style with this vibrant and low-maintenance option, ensuring your curls are not only showcased but also exude a carefree and effortlessly chic vibe.

12. Neat Short Curly Mullet

Neat Short Curly Mullet


Achieving a relaxed appearance is effortless for individuals with naturally curly hair—simply air dry your layers for a laid-back allure. Conversely, for those with straight strands or a desire to amplify the curl in natural waves, a perm seamlessly complements a short mullet cut. This organic pairing ensures that the short mullet not only suits your style but also enhances the texture and character of your hair. Whether you’re embracing the inherent curls or opting for a perm, this versatile haircut adapts effortlessly to various hair types, promising a look that effortlessly blends ease with style.

13. Mullet Cut with Highlights for Kinky Hair

Mullet Cut with Highlights


While a permed mullet haircut may already stand out as unique, there’s an opportunity to elevate its creativity and eye-catching appeal. Introduce contrasting highlights to accentuate your kinky bangs, effectively amplifying the volume and definition of your permed hair. This additional touch of contrast not only enhances the overall visual impact but also contributes to a dynamic and fashionable look. Experimenting with contrasting highlights adds an extra layer of creativity to your permed mullet, ensuring that your hairstyle becomes a statement of individuality and style. Embrace the unconventional and make your permed mullet uniquely yours with this creative and attention-grabbing twist.

14. Bold and Sexy Short Shag

Bold and Sexy Short Shag


Opting for a light brown curly mullet, especially when paired with a beard, results in a trendy haircut that effortlessly blends sassiness with masculinity. The addition of permed micro bangs introduces a unique element that not only enhances the overall style but also serves to balance face shapes, particularly beneficial for men with longer faces. This curated combination ensures a contemporary and well-balanced aesthetic, allowing you to showcase both individuality and masculinity in a single, fashionable haircut. Embrace this trendsetting look, where light brown curls and permed micro bangs converge to create a statement that is both stylish and facially flattering.

15. Long Perm Mullet with Bangs

Long Perm Mullet


Long-haired men often find themselves investing more time in hairstyling, but the key lies in selecting the right hairstyle to streamline your routine. Opt for the permed mullet, featuring an extended back and a temple fade, to effortlessly achieve a stylish look with minimal effort. This particular haircut strikes the perfect balance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of long hair without the hassle of extensive styling. Embrace the ease and trendiness of the permed mullet, where the long back and temple fade converge to create a look that is both effortlessly chic and time-saving. Elevate your style with this practical yet fashionable choice, ensuring you look effortlessly stylish without sacrificing precious time on styling endeavors.

16. Caramel Brown Mullet Perm for Men

Caramel Brown Mullet


Illuminate the scene with these vibrant permanent waves designed to capture attention. To ensure your haircut maintains its greatness, it’s essential to invest in proper care. We strongly recommend regular visits to a hairstylist, ideally every few months, to eliminate split ends and keep your mullet looking tidy and healthy. This proactive approach not only preserves the integrity of your vibrant waves but also ensures a consistently polished and well-maintained appearance. Embrace the attention-grabbing allure of your permed mullet while prioritizing its health and neatness through regular hairstylist visits for a style that remains vibrant and effortlessly captivating.

17. Mid-Length Mullet with Statement Bangs

Mid-Length Mullet


Streamline your morning routine with the perm mullet – good news awaits! This hairstyle eliminates the need for a time-consuming styling routine. Say goodbye to daily fuss, as all it takes is a simple application of leave-in conditioner designed for curly hair. By gently scrunching your locks, you effortlessly add definition to the curls, enhancing the natural charm of your permed mullet. Embrace the simplicity and ease of this low-maintenance style, ensuring you look fabulous without the need for a strict and time-consuming styling regimen. Make your mornings hassle-free while maintaining a chic and effortlessly stylish appearance with the carefree charm of the perm mullet.

18. Messy Permed Hairstyle with Shorter Sides

Messy Permed Hairstyle


Experience the natural allure of this iteration of the popular mullet cut, seamlessly blending into your everyday style and enhancing the texture of your hair. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this haircut possesses the unique ability to impart a youthful and comfortable vibe, effortlessly connecting you with teens and the younger demographic. Embrace the organic charm of this mullet version, where a natural look meets a timeless cut, ensuring you not only look younger but also exude a sense of ease and familiarity within youth culture. Elevate your style effortlessly with a haircut that effortlessly resonates with both comfort and contemporary flair.

19. Iconic Men Perm Mullet

Iconic Men Perm


Discover a range of stylish options to elevate your permed mullet. Choose to braid your long locks for a chic and intricate look, or embrace the unique charm of leaving your perm rat tail as it is. Whichever option you select, rest assured that everyone will admire how permanent curls effortlessly complement your long shaggy haircut. Experiment with these versatile styling choices to showcase the dynamic nature of your permed mullet, ensuring you stand out with a look that is both trendy and uniquely yours. Whether it’s the allure of braided elegance or the distinct character of a natural rat tail, your permed mullet promises to captivate and impress.

20. Edgy Spiky Permed Mullet

Edgy Spiky Permed


Achieving a successful mullet hairstyle lies in striking a harmonious balance between the front and back sections, and this particular haircut masters that equilibrium flawlessly. If you find the curls appearing a bit too voluminous, a simple solution is to apply sea salt spray. This technique not only tames the bulkiness but also imparts a natural and defined texture to the curls. Enhance the appeal of your mullet with this easy adjustment, ensuring that your hairstyle maintains the perfect balance while exuding a trendy and effortlessly chic vibe. The secret to a polished and well-proportioned mullet is now in your hands, offering a simple yet effective solution for achieving the ideal look.

21. Defined Brown Mullet

Defined Brown Mullet


An excellent feature of permed mullets is their versatility across varying hair lengths. Yet, for those blessed with long locks, luck truly shines, providing ample room for experimentation. With longer hair, you have the freedom to play with both the size of your curls and the length of your tail. This flexibility allows you to personalize your permed mullet, creating a distinctive and customized look that perfectly suits your style. Embrace the advantages that come with longer locks, as they open the door to a world of possibilities for tailoring your permed mullet to be uniquely yours. Explore the creative freedom that accompanies longer hair, allowing you to craft a permed mullet that is both expressive and effortlessly chic.

22. Permed Back and Big Beard

Permed Back


While permed mullets may initially appear similar, there’s ample room for creativity to set your hairstyle apart. Elevate your look by introducing a unique twist – leave the front section of your hair straight and exclusively perm the hair at the back. This unconventional approach adds a distinctive element to your hairstyle, creating a balance between sleek and textured that is both eye-catching and fashion-forward. With this creative adaptation, your permed mullet becomes a personalized statement, showcasing a blend of versatility and uniqueness that captures attention and defines your individual style. Experiment with this innovative variation to transform the traditional permed mullet into a one-of-a-kind expression of creativity.

23. Mohawk-Inspired Permed Mullet

Mohawk-Inspired Permed


Opt for a straightforward and time-saving approach to your hairstyling routine with a short flat top paired with a long permed back. This combination allows you to keep it simple while effortlessly maintaining a distinctive look. Particularly suitable for those with fine curly hair, this hairstyle strikes a harmonious balance between ease and style. The short flat top offers simplicity, while the long permed back introduces texture and character. Embrace the convenience of this choice, providing you with a hassle-free routine and a chic hairstyle that enhances the charm of your fine curly locks. Achieve an effortlessly stylish appearance with the short flat top and long permed back, a practical and fashionable choice for those seeking simplicity without compromising on flair.

24. Modern Mullet with Enhanced Curls

Modern Mullet


Infuse a touch of romance into any men’s hairstyle with the allure of loose curls, even if it’s a daring shaggy haircut. Elevate your curly mullet from the ordinary by requesting a disconnected undercut from your barber. This strategic addition introduces a unique element to your hairstyle, setting it apart from the rest with a bold and contemporary twist. Let the loose curls weave a romantic narrative, and the disconnected undercut add a touch of edginess, resulting in a truly distinctive and stylish mullet. Make your curly mullet stand out with this innovative combination, where romance meets boldness for a look that is both captivating and fashion-forward.

25. Long Permed Mullet and Beard

Long Permed Mullet


Diverging from the traditional mullet, this variation boasts longer sides that seamlessly unite with a statement beard, presenting a unique and contemporary twist. This innovative approach offers a compelling idea for transforming your shoulder-length hair into a distinctive and stylish statement. Embrace the unity of longer sides and a bold beard, creating a cohesive and fashion-forward look that transcends the boundaries of the classic mullet. Make a striking shoulder-length hair transformation with this unconventional yet captivating hairstyle, where length meets unity to redefine the essence of a modern mullet.

26. Baseball Mullet for Medium Hair

Baseball Mullet


Ideal for men eager to embrace permanent curls without committing to the entire mane, this hairstyle presents a perfect solution. The permed back serves as a focal point, elevating your mullet and making it notably distinctive. To accentuate the extremes of your mullet perm, mastering the right styling techniques is crucial. This strategic approach not only showcases your individuality but also ensures that your hairstyle is a bold and stylish statement. Dive into the world of partial perming, where the permed back takes center stage, offering a perfect balance for those seeking a noticeable yet nuanced curly mullet.

27. Creative Perm Mullet with Neon Green Underlayer

Creative Perm Mullet


Men’s perm haircuts offer a fantastic advantage with their low-maintenance appeal, alleviating potential annoyances for many gentlemen. Achieving a refreshed look is as simple as diffusing your hair after washing, making it a hassle-free option for those seeking effortless style. Take your hairstyle to the next level by injecting a vibrant burst of personality with neon hair color. This transformative addition not only maintains the simplicity of the perm but also introduces a bold and trendy element, ensuring your look is both easygoing and visually captivating. Explore the simplicity of maintenance and the vibrancy of color with men’s perm haircuts, a winning combination for a stylish and hassle-free aesthetic.

28. Cool Mullet Style with Long Tousled Back

Cool Mullet


For those aspiring to capture the timeless essence of the classic mullet hairstyle, drawing inspiration from this particular hairdo is a splendid choice. This rendition showcases the quintessential long back with subtly tousled curls, accompanied by shorter sides that accentuate focus on the perm tail. Recreating the iconic spirit of the classic mullet, this hairstyle combines tradition with a touch of modern flair. The attention to detail in the tousled curls and strategic emphasis on the perm tail ensures a distinctive and stylish interpretation of this enduring and iconic haircut. Explore the nostalgic charm of the classic mullet with this inspired hairstyle, a perfect fusion of vintage allure and contemporary appeal.

29. Shorter Back Permed Mullet

Shorter Back Permed


Visualize the attention-grabbing impact of this on-trend hairstyle. The new curly mullet cut serves as a dynamic canvas, allowing you to express your sense of style without uttering a single word. This eye-catching hairstyle speaks volumes, effortlessly showcasing your individuality and flair. With each curl, your personality shines through, making a bold statement that resonates far beyond the need for words. Elevate your style and capture attention with the transformative power of a trendy curly mullet cut, where your unique sense of fashion becomes the focal point, leaving a lasting impression.

30. Permed Curls and Shaved SidesPermed Curls


For a distinctive and contemporary approach to your haircut, consider opting for perms paired with a taper fade for a fresh and unique appearance. This experimental hairstyle is an excellent solution for those seeking to make a statement and stand out in a crowd. The fusion of perms and a taper fade not only adds a modern edge but also creates a dynamic and eye-catching look. Embrace this bold and innovative style as a means of expressing your individuality and leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. With perms and a taper fade, you have the opportunity to redefine your haircut in a way that exudes freshness and uniqueness.



Leverage these inspiring ideas during your next visit to the stylist, allowing you to recreate one of these looks and position yourself as one of the trendiest men in the area. With these creative and diverse hairstyle options, you have the opportunity to express your unique style and stay ahead of the fashion curve. Whether it’s embracing permed mullets, experimenting with taper fades, or incorporating creative twists, each idea serves as a gateway to becoming a trendsetter in your local scene. Utilize these inspirations to curate a hairstyle that not only reflects your individuality but also establishes you as a style icon in your community. Elevate your look with these on-trend ideas and make a lasting impression as one of the trendiest men in the area.

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