Enhance Your Look with 19 Stylish Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

by Josie kohloff
pompadour hairstyle for men

What’s a Pompadour Hairstyle?

The pompadour hairstyle remains a sought-after choice for men, characterized by combing the hair upwards and back to create a prominent, voluminous “pomp” atop the head. Its timeless appeal has made it a go-to option for individuals seeking a versatile, stylish look that suits various occasions.

This classic style, worn by men for centuries, can be dressed up for formal events or down for a more casual appearance, making it a favored choice for those wanting a sophisticated and refined hairstyle. Renowned celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Brad Pitt, and Justin Timberlake have famously sported this iconic look, contributing to its allure and adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

It’s a style that’s inclusive—practically anyone can rock it with the right products and a bit of styling knowledge. In this guide, discover 19 of the most in-demand pompadour variations currently making waves, along with tips on how to request your preferred style from your trusted hairstylist and recommendations for top-quality styling products that ensure a durable and impeccable finish.

Types of Pompadour Hairstyles

Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour

Looking to channel the timeless style of Elvis Presley? The classic pompadour is your ticket to achieving that iconic look. It stands as a monument to the pompadour, exuding a timeless appeal while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

Recognizable by its remarkable volume and glossy finish, the classic pompadour typically features longer hair at the front with shorter sides and back, a departure from more modern versions that often incorporate clippers for a closer cut.

However, opting for the classic pomp requires commitment, particularly in terms of hair maintenance, which can pose a challenge in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Achieving and maintaining this distinguished style demands dedication and regular upkeep.

Classic Pompadour with Beard

Pairing a classic pompadour hairstyle with a beard adds an extra dimension to your overall look. The combination of a classic pompadour with a beard creates a unique and distinctive style that elevates the traditional pompadour to a new level of sophistication. The integration of a full beard perfectly complements the sleek lines and polished finish of this hairstyle, enhancing its overall appeal.

The marriage of the classic pompadour with a beard offers a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, providing a refined and well-coordinated appearance that exudes confidence and style. Achieving this look involves a harmonious balance between the immaculately styled pompadour and a well-groomed beard, culminating in a fashion-forward statement that’s both classic and contemporary.

Traditional Pompadour for Curly or Permed Hair

Embracing the traditional pompadour style isn’t limited to straight hair; it can also be flawlessly adapted for curly or permed hair types. When styled for curly or permed hair, the classic pompadour maintains its iconic look but with a slight variation in the styling approach.

This adaptation of the pompadour is particularly well-suited for individuals with black hair, offering a versatile and chic option that complements natural curls or permed textures. The style is achieved with a nuanced approach to accommodate the unique attributes of curly or permed hair, ensuring a polished and refined appearance.

This versatile adaptation of the traditional pompadour allows individuals with curly or permed hair to embrace the classic pompadour look while celebrating the natural texture and characteristics of their hair.

Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour represents the favored hairstyle of Hollywood elites, distinguishing itself from the classic pompadour primarily through hair length. In this contemporary rendition, the hair on the back and sides is notably shorter compared to the length on top, showcasing a sleek and refined aesthetic.

The modern pompadour presents a sophisticated yet trendy look, characterized by a pomp that features wavy, elegantly masculine textures. This hairstyle encapsulates everything one desires, combining style, charm, and versatility. There exist various interpretations of the modern pompadour, allowing for customization to match individual tastes and preferences, thereby offering a range of options to suit diverse personal styles.

The Modern Undercut Pompadour

The Modern Undercut Pompadour

A departure from the conventional modern pompadour, the modern undercut pompadour showcases a distinct style. Featuring a noticeable contrast, the undercut style involves shorter, buzzed hair on the sides, creating a more pronounced disparity between the length on the sides and the voluminous top.

This variation offers a striking aesthetic, emphasizing the contrast between the closely cropped sides and the longer, styled top. The modern undercut pompadour presents a dynamic and edgy look, providing a unique twist to the traditional pompadour style. This style is an excellent choice for those seeking a bold and contemporary take on the classic pompadour.

Modern Pompadour with Short Sides

Modern Pompadour with Short Sides

Featuring a distinct approach within the realm of the modern pompadour, this particular variation emphasizes shorter sides while differing from the traditional undercut pompadour. Despite its shorter side lengths, this style maintains a unique appearance, deviating from the typical undercut pompadour.

The emphasis on shorter sides in this version creates a differentiated aesthetic compared to the more pronounced contrast seen in the undercut style. This variation of the modern pompadour offers a fresh and tailored look, providing an alternative to the undercut while preserving the pompadour’s signature top-heavy style. It’s a versatile choice for those seeking a refined yet distinctive appearance without the stark contrast of an undercut.

The Pompadour vs. Other Popular Men’s Hairstyles

The Quiff vs. The Pompadour

The Quiff vs. The Pompadour

Although the Pompadour and the quiff may share similarities, such as both involving the upward brushing of the hair to add volume, these classic hairstyles maintain distinct differences. Understanding these variances is crucial, particularly before discussing your preferred style with your barber.

The primary disparity lies in the direction of brushing and the resulting volume characteristics. When creating a quiff, the hair is brushed to generate a lighter, airy volume that can often be styled to the side. In contrast, a pompadour involves brushing the hair backward to produce a denser volume, particularly in the bangs.

The use of a comb ensures a consistent direction but focuses on creating more volume specifically at the top. This differentiation in styling techniques results in varying appearances, distinguishing the quiff and pompadour as unique hairstyles, each with its particular nuances. Understanding these nuances is essential to ensure you achieve the desired look when communicating with your stylist or barber.

The Slicked Back vs. The Pompadour

The Slicked Back vs. The Pompadour

The slicked-back hairstyle embodies its name by pulling the top hair tightly backward, aiming to avoid any visible parting line. Achieving the complete slicked-back look necessitates a polished, wet appearance, often attained through the application of pomade. This style exudes a substantial and weighty appearance, enhancing an impression of authority, charisma, and an alpha-male persona.

Contrasting with the pompadour, where pomade is commonly used, the slicked-back style emphasizes a sleek, wet finish without necessitating the same high volume of hair on top. While the pompadour often involves pulling the hair backward to create volume, the slicked-back style focuses on achieving a tightly slicked appearance, reflecting a distinct aesthetic and aura. These variations in styling techniques cater to different looks and feelings, making it essential to choose the one that aligns with the desired persona and overall style.

Modern Comb-Over vs. Pomp

Modern Comb-Over vs. Pomp

The contemporary comb-over and the pompadour share several similarities and are both regarded as fashionable choices. However, the distinguishing factor between these hairstyles lies in the combing technique and the structure of the hair on top.

In a contemporary comb-over, the hair is meticulously combed over, showcasing evenly sized and evenly spaced hair bundles at the top, setting it apart from the pompadour. This difference in styling techniques results in a distinct appearance, providing individuals with varied options to suit their preferred aesthetic and personal style. Understanding these subtle distinctions helps in choosing the hairstyle that best complements one’s overall look and desired presentation.

Best Matching Face Shapes for the Pompadour

Best Matching Face Shapes for the Pompadour

Achieving a trendy pompadour is just the beginning; it’s crucial to consider how well the hairstyle complements the shape of your face. A skilled barber will emphasize that the chosen hairstyle should be tailored to harmonize with your facial structure.

For individuals with round faces, virtually any variation of the pompadour can be flattering. However, the square face shape is an ideal match for the timeless pompadour, accentuating its classic appeal. If you have a slender face, opting for a shorter pompadour hairstyle tends to be the most suitable choice. Understanding how different face shapes interact with various pompadour styles ensures that your chosen hairstyle accentuates your features, resulting in a more harmonious and flattering overall look.

Wearing the Pomp Hairstyle Like a Pro

Though the pompadour hairstyle stands as a timeless classic, understanding how to wear it to your advantage can elevate its appeal even further. Here are three valuable suggestions to help you master the pomp. These tips can assist in refining your styling technique and ensuring that your pompadour looks its best, showcasing your desired look with finesse and confidence.

The Best Scene for a Pompadour

The pompadour is a versatile hairstyle that can adapt to various social settings, primarily by finding the right balance. When considering wearing a pompadour, it’s essential to factor in the inclinations of the social environment or group. This hairstyle is best suited for moments when you aim to make a bold statement, exude assertiveness, and stand out from the crowd. Rocking a pompadour can be a way to express confidence and individuality, making it an ideal choice for occasions where you want to make a distinctive and impactful impression.

Clothes that Complement the Pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle seamlessly aligns with various fashion choices. It complements corporate attire, particularly suits, exuding a refined and polished look. Beyond formal wear, it also pairs well with more casual outfits like jackets, jeans, and denim shirts, offering a versatile and adaptable style. While certain clothing styles might harmonize better with this haircut, there are no rigid rules dictating what you should or shouldn’t wear with this particular cut. This flexibility allows individuals to express their personal style and experiment with different fashion ensembles while still embracing the charm of the pompadour.

Attracting Romance with the Pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle exudes a sense of confidence and sophistication. It serves as a visual cue, signaling a high level of style awareness and a keen fashion sense. Sporting a pompadour can make you an attractive choice for individuals seeking someone who projects confidence, success, and stays abreast of the latest trends. The hairstyle’s inherent charm conveys a compelling image of someone self-assured and fashion-forward, making the pompadour an appealing choice for those drawn to individuals with a strong sense of personal style.

Pompadour Hairstyles by Hair Length

The spectrum of pompadour hairstyles typically falls within the classic and modern categories, distinguishing variations based on the overall aesthetic and styling approaches. However, beyond these distinctions, other classifications of pompadours also exist, taking into account elements such as hair length. This additional classification offers a more nuanced understanding of the diverse range of pompadour styles available, considering factors beyond the traditional classic or modern distinctions.

Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour

The concept of a short pompadour is straightforward—it’s a shorter version of the classic pompadour hairstyle. Despite its shorter length, the fundamental principles of a pompadour haircut still hold true in this style. The short pompadour maintains the signature characteristics of a pompadour, albeit with a shorter overall length, offering a more compact yet equally stylish interpretation of this iconic haircut.

Short Curly or Permed Pompadour

The short curly (or permed) pompadour shares similarities with the short top fade, yet in this instance, it’s particularly well-suited for hair featuring natural curls or those achieved through perming. This style combines the elements of a shorter pompadour with the unique texture and volume of curly or permed hair, offering a distinctive and stylish appearance that caters to the specific attributes of these hair types.

Mid Pompadour

Mid Pompadour

The medium length pompadour differs from the shorter version by its longer length, offering a bit more hair to work with. Referred to as the mid pomp, this style typically falls between the shorter and longer variations of the pompadour. Often, the medium length pompadour is paired and styled with complementary variations like the mid fade haircut, creating a harmonious and balanced overall look.

Pompadour with Extra Volume

The voluminous nature of this pompadour sets it apart. Featuring significantly more volume at the top compared to the short or mid-length pompadours, this style showcases an expanded and pronounced top section. Within this category, there are two notable variations: the full-volume pompadour and the mountain-high pompadour.

These designs accentuate the grandeur of the hairstyle, with the full-volume embodying a notably larger top section, while the mountain-high version emphasizes an even more elevated and striking top. Both options within this category offer a bolder and more dramatic statement, elevating the classic pompadour to new heights.

Full-Volume Pompadour

Full-Volume Pompadour

This particular version embodies a significantly increased height and fullness compared to other hair lengths commonly linked with the pompadour. It stands taller and boasts a longer top section, setting it apart as a style that emphasizes extreme height and increased length, diverging from the more typical dimensions associated with the pompadour haircut. This variation represents a bolder and more elongated take on the classic pompadour, achieving a distinct and remarkable visual impact.

Mountain-High Pompadour

Mountain-High Pompadour

This particular version embodies a significantly increased height and fullness compared to other hair lengths commonly linked with the pompadour. It stands taller and boasts a longer top section, setting it apart as a style that emphasizes extreme height and increased length, diverging from the more typical dimensions associated with the pompadour haircut. This variation represents a bolder and more elongated take on the classic pompadour, achieving a distinct and remarkable visual impact.

The Best Pompadour Hairstyle Combinations

The pompadour offers a wealth of variety, providing ample opportunities for mixing and matching various options. This versatile hairstyle presents a range of choices, allowing individuals to experiment with different elements to create a customized and unique look.

From variations in hair length to styling techniques and complementary cuts, the pompadour’s flexibility enables individuals to tailor the hairstyle to suit their preferences and personal style, fostering a diverse array of possibilities for a personalized and distinctive appearance.

Pompadour Fade

The pomp fade represents an adaptation of the traditional pompadour. This style integrates the renowned taper fade haircut with the distinctive features of the pompadour. It typically features very short sides that seamlessly transition into a longer top section, combining the elegance of the taper fade with the classic pompadour look.

The pomp fade itself encompasses several variations, providing a versatile range of styles within this category. These variations cater to individual preferences, allowing for diverse interpretations of this fusion hairstyle.

Pompadour with Low Fade

Pompadour with Low Fade

The low fade pomp presents a sleek and well-defined hairstyle. With its short sides, the contrast creates a noticeable lift at the top, emphasizing the distinctive style of the cut. This clean and sharp appearance accentuates the pompadour’s bold and voluminous top, contributing to a defined and fashionable look.

Pompadour with Mid Fade

Pompadour with Mid Fade

Similar to the low fade, this version, known as the high fade, carries a slightly more pronounced appearance. As the name suggests, the fade begins higher on the sides, imparting a more robust and edgy aesthetic to the style while enhancing the contrast.

The high fade variation provides a myriad of options, allowing for versatile adaptations. Shorter or medium hair lengths are better suited for this hairstyle, contributing to its overall appeal and maintaining a balance between a bold look and a well-groomed appearance.

Short Pompadour with High Fade

Short Pompadour with High Fade

This particular style is frequently lauded as the go-to choice among barbers, often regarded as the quintessential hairstyle. The high positioning of the fade significantly up the sides makes it an ideal match for a short pompadour. If you’re inclined to style shorter hair, the high fade may stand out as the optimal selection, given its ability to complement and enhance the overall appearance of a shorter pompadour haircut.

Skin Fade with Textured Pomp

Often referred to as a bald fade, the skin fade offers an excellent complement to the pompadour. This hairstyle effectively accentuates the stylishness of the top hair, elevating the overall look. When integrated with a textured pompadour, the skin fade creates a striking appearance that’s hard to overlook, resulting in a glossy and well-defined aesthetic that adds to the overall allure of the style.

Disconnected Pompadour

Easily distinguishable by the evident separation between the sides and the top, the disconnected pomp accentuates the distinct contrast. This deliberate separation enhances the emphasis on the height and length of the pompadour, granting it a more pronounced and bold appearance. The resultant style offers a fun and edgy look, exuding a touch of rebelliousness and confidence, which contributes to an overall daring and badass vibe.

Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour

The side part pompadour harmoniously blends elements of the classic pomp with a side part, creating a sophisticated and versatile hairstyle. This style allows for various combinations with other pompadour variations, seamlessly integrating with facial hair styles. Whether you prefer a clean-shaven appearance, a meticulously groomed thick beard, or something in between, the side part pompadour complements different facial hair options, offering a bold and distinguished look that exudes elegance and individuality.

Slicked Back Pompadour

Slicked Back Pompadour

This hairstyle merges the sleek elegance of the slicked-back style with the iconic elements of the pompadour. It boasts a meticulously precise aesthetic, delivering a look that is not only stylish but also exudes sophistication and refinement.

Wavy Pompadour

Wavy Pompadour

Embracing a wavy pompadour radiates a fresh and youthful aura. This style allows you to maintain the natural wave of your hair while elevating most of the top into a pomp, resulting in a look that exudes a sense of tranquility and cheerfulness. The combination of wavy texture with the pompadour design creates a distinct appearance that’s both relaxed and lively, contributing to a vibe that’s effortlessly cool and exuberant.

Loose Pompadour with Shaved Sides

Characterized by a substantial volume of hair, this cut features a pompadour with a slightly looser structure, creating a distinctive feel. Pairing this style with completely shaved sides yields an exciting and bold look. The contrast between the voluminous top and the shaved sides contributes to an edgy and dynamic appearance that stands out and exudes a sense of flair and individuality.

Textured Relaxed Pompadour

Textured Relaxed Pompadour

This particular variation is often likened to the aesthetic of a “hazy, waking up from sleep” appearance. It integrates a full-volume pomp with a hint of deliberate messiness. The textured relaxed pompadour is typically refined by applying a small amount of pomade, contributing to the intentionally tousled yet stylish look. The combination of a voluminous pomp with a touch of controlled dishevelment creates an effortlessly chic and relaxed vibe, adding a unique charm to the overall hairstyle.

How to Get a Pompadour

How to Get a Pompadour

This particular style embodies a distinctive aesthetic often referred to as the “morning-after, just-rolled-out-of-bed” appearance. It features a full-volume pomp combined with a deliberate touch of untamed texture.

The textured relaxed pompadour is typically refined by the application of a small amount of pomade, enhancing its deliberately tousled yet refined look. This fusion of a voluminous pomp with a controlled, slightly disheveled finish generates an effortlessly chic and relaxed vibe, contributing to the overall allure of the hairstyle.

Communicating with Barbers and Stylists

Considering a pompadour haircut? You should be! For first-timers looking to try out this hairstyle, understanding the process is essential. Start by requesting a pompadour at your chosen barbershop or salon.

When you visit your barber, hairstylist, or salon, it’s helpful to bring a picture showcasing the specific pompadour style you desire. However, it’s crucial to note that the model in the image may have a different head shape, facial structure, or hair type. To ensure the best results, it’s beneficial to be prepared to describe any particular details or preferences to the stylist, aiding them in achieving the exact look you envision.

The DIY Pompadour Styling Process

Absolutely, your hair can look stunning immediately after leaving the barbershop, but maintaining that same effect the following morning requires a specific process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to style your pompadour:

Styling: Start by applying a small amount of styling product, focusing mainly on the bangs and the top section of your hair. Elevate the hair to stand upwards, then gently sweep it towards the back. Next, carefully grasp the bangs to accentuate the desired volume. Once you’re satisfied with the style, a touch of hairspray can help lock everything in place.

Tip: Prior to styling, it’s advisable to establish the foundational shape of your hair by blow-drying it with a hairdryer. During drying, use a brush to guide the hair from your temples towards the back of your head. For those with a roller brush, it’s helpful to roll the bangs in an upward and backward direction. This technique aids in creating a more voluminous and structured base for your pompadour.

Products for Your Pompadour Hairstyle

Key to achieving the pompadour hairstyle is the utilization of specific products that sculpt and define the pomp. Without these products, achieving the distinctive pomp look is challenging. Fortunately, there exists a variety of products that facilitate this transformation. Selecting the right product largely hinges on the type of pompadour you aim to achieve and the unique characteristics of your hair. The ideal choice of product plays a crucial role in crafting the desired pompadour style.


Critical to achieving the pompadour hairstyle is the incorporation of specific products essential for crafting the perfect pomp. The absence of these products can hinder the desired look. Thankfully, a range of product types exists to work this magic. The selection of these products relies on the kind of pompadour you intend to create and the distinct attributes of your hair. Choosing the appropriate product is pivotal in realizing your envisioned pompadour style.

Styling Wax

Preferred by many pompadour enthusiasts, styling wax stands as the primary product for crafting this hairstyle. It adeptly maintains your selected style while ensuring your hair remains flexible and malleable, contributing to the desired pompadour look.

Hair Gel

In these hairstyles, hair gel plays a crucial role in stiffening and consolidating the hair to achieve the ideal pompadour appearance while imparting a glossy finish. Its function results in a more sturdy and structured pomp. Notably, hair gel offers a robust hold without stickiness, ensuring effortless removal when desired.

Styling Clay

For individuals with fine hair aiming for a natural appearance when styling their pompadour, our specialized styling clay is the ideal solution. Simply spread it uniformly across your palms and apply it thoroughly throughout your hair and ends. You’ll notice it spreads seamlessly and provides a pleasant, effective hold for your desired style.

Hair Spray

Once you’ve applied your preferred styling product, we highly recommend a finishing touch with hair spray. Why? Hair spray, a timeless and iconic styling product favored by men of style across eras, aids in prolonging the stiffness of your desired hairstyle, keeping it intact for an extended duration.

Modern Origins of the Pompadour Hairstyle

From 1950 to 1969

Before 1950, the pompadour style was predominantly linked with women. Nevertheless, a shift occurred as men’s interest in the pompadour surged. The initial prominent figure to embrace this hairstyle was Elvis Presley, marking the turning point. Subsequently, other famed personalities such as Little Richard and James Dean contributed to solidifying the pompadour as a quintessential men’s hairstyle. The style’s popularity soared, attributed to its distinctive and asymmetrical shape, ultimately making it a notable choice for men’s fashion.

From 1970 to 1979

The 1970s witnessed a prevailing trend of favoring a natural, fuller head of hair among men. With many individuals opting for a more low-maintenance routine, primarily washing their hair occasionally, the prominence of the pompadour style experienced a setback during this era.

From 1980 to Today

The resurgence of pompadours made a remarkable comeback in the 1980s, coinciding with the rise of rock music fusion, commonly referred to as psychobilly. It was evident that the music scene and cultural perspectives of the youth in that era significantly influenced prevailing hairstyles.

Even after this period, the pompadour continued to maintain its allure for various reasons. Notably, the enduring admiration for pompadours among celebrities played a pivotal role. Figures like David Beckham and Zayn Malik stand as just a few examples among the numerous ambassadors of this hairstyle.

Complete Your Look with the Perfect Pompadour

The pompadour style is set to endure for an extended period. The great news is the abundant array of choices available! When supported by the appropriate products, achieving the pompadour hairstyle of your desires becomes an achievable reality.

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