Revamp Your Look: 28 Must-Try Hard Part Haircuts for Men in 2023

by Josie kohloff
Hard Part Haircuts for Men | N Fashion Trends

Are you tired of the same old hairstyle routine? If you’re seeking a change and want to stand out in the hair department, consider asking your barber for a hard part hairstyle during your next visit.

A hard part is a fantastic addition to any hairstyle, providing a simple yet impactful twist. This haircut involves creating a more pronounced hair part by precisely shaving it in place with a razor. By opting for this style, you gain the flexibility to breathe new life into your favorite haircut, adding an extra layer of sophistication and style. Say goodbye to the same old routine and embrace a fresh, unique look with a hard part hairstyle.


If you’re on the lookout for a fresh and stylish men’s hairstyle, explore these ingenious methods to seamlessly integrate a hard part haircut into your upcoming look. Discover these 28 hard part haircuts for men to elevate your grooming game and make a lasting impression.

1. Military Hard Part Haircut

This popular style isn’t just for soldiers anymore; many men today opt for this neat and well-put-together military haircut. It’s characterized by a clean, short hard part that’s usually no longer than 4 inches, blending seamlessly into a skin fade, following military grooming standards. It’s a straightforward and stylish choice for men looking to enhance their appearance.

Military Hard Part Haircut

@dresskin_official / Instagram

2. Short Hard Part Haircut

For countless men, sporting a short haircut is a lifelong preference. After all, it’s low-maintenance, tidy, and modest. However, there’s one small drawback – it can sometimes lack excitement. That’s where the hard part comes into play, injecting a dash of sharpness and revitalizing your short hair with a touch of flair.

Short Hard Part Haircut

@rey.zorscuts / Instagram

3. Hard Part Fade Haircut

A hard part combined with a fade remains a top choice among men’s haircuts and has stood the test of time as a style essential for the past decade. This timeless blend of a crisp hard part seamlessly transitioning into a fade exudes both classic charm and contemporary elegance, ensuring you’ll sport a polished and chic look that never goes out of style.


@maneiac_barbershop / Instagram

4. High and Tight With Hard Part

Positioned at the pinnacle of the head, the high and tight haircut features a swift skin fade along the back and sides. This closely cropped style exudes a distinct edge, and the addition of a hard part enhances facial features by creating a striking contrast. Elevate your appearance with this bold and modern choice.

High and Tight With Hard Part

@barberiah2o / Instagram

5. Hard Part With Line Up

This hairstyle thrives on precision, defined by its sharp angles and clean lines, leaving no margin for error. A line-up or edge-up skillfully trims the natural hairline, creating a crisp 90-degree angle for added sharpness.

Elevate this cut to the next level by incorporating a hard part, giving it an extra edge. Keep in mind, though, that this look demands regular maintenance, so unless you’re ready to become best buddies with your barber, it might not be the ideal choice for you.

Hard Part With Line Up

@crewshack_barber / Instagram

6. Short Side and Hard Part With Razor

The sleek side part gracefully rests near the temple, achieved with finesse using a razor for a precision close-to-the-head crop. This is a haircut that calls for an expert touch, perfectly suited for individuals with short, coarse hair. Elevate your style with this refined, temple-grazing look, meticulously crafted for a polished appearance.

Short Side and Hard Part With Razor

@downtownbarber716 / Instagram

7. Hard Part With Crew Cut

The classic crew cut – an enduring symbol of simplicity and style. With tapered sides and a slightly longer top, it strikes that perfect balance, keeping it sharp without being too attention-grabbing. But perhaps it’s time to infuse some fresh energy into your crew cut? Give it a contemporary twist by incorporating an angled hard part, elevating this timeless look to a modern and stylish level.

Hard Part With Crew Cut

@downtownbarber716 / Instagram

8. Asymmetrical Hard Part

If you’ve ventured into the world of hard parts and are now craving a fresh twist, here’s an exciting choice for you. Instead of the typical straight-front approach, consider having your hard part curve towards the center of your head. This playful variation adds a touch of uniqueness and diversity to your hairstyle, making it perfect for those seeking a distinctive look.

Asymmetrical Hard Part

@eloy_sanchez_barberia / Instagram

9. Hard Part and Comb Over

The comb-over, a quintessential choice for gentlemen, can undergo a modern transformation effortlessly. By incorporating a hard part, you don’t diminish the classic charm of the comb-over; instead, you propel it into the 21st century, infusing it with a contemporary edge. Upgrade your style seamlessly with this sophisticated and timeless look.

Hard Part and Comb Over

@joshthebarberrr / Instagram

10. Hard Part and High Fade

Elevating your style is as simple as adding a sharp hard part that swiftly tapers towards the ears. This upgrade takes the traditional fade to a new level, creating a rounded-off appearance while retaining that essential edge. It’s a contemporary twist that keeps your look fresh and on-point.

Hard Part and High Fade

@lamafiabarbearia / Instagram

11. Subtle Hard Part With Pompadour

Hard parts make a bold statement in the world of hairstyles – they’re not for those seeking a subtle look. If you want to dip your toes into this striking style, consider opting for a more understated hard part to begin with. Pairing it with a classic pompadour on top minimizes the dramatic effect but retains the sleek and refined aesthetic.

This combination works exceptionally well, especially if you have a strong and well-defined hairline. It’s a stylish way to strike the right balance between boldness and sophistication.

Subtle Hard Part With Pompadour

@ilkercibofriseure / Instagram

12. Hard Part for Curly Hair

This hairstyle isn’t for the timid, and it’s best tackled if you’ve mastered the art of taming your curls. Incorporating a hard part into your haircut serves as an excellent method to infuse a dash of sophistication into what might otherwise be a wild and unruly mane. It’s a stylish way to manage and refine your curly locks, ensuring you look sharp and put-together.

Hard Part for Curly Hair

@joshthebarberrr / Instagram

13. Kennedy Cut With Hard Part

The Kennedy cut combines various elements into a harmonious blend. Shorter than a quiff and featuring a more subtle fade on the sides, it pays homage to President Kennedy’s signature side part. Fast forward six decades, and you can still rock this iconic hairstyle while infusing a contemporary twist by replacing the classic side part with a stylish hard part. It’s a timeless look that bridges the gap between history and modernity, offering a unique and refined appearance.

Kennedy Cut With Hard Part

@hollywoodandhistory / Instagram

14. Hard Part Haircut for Disconnection

Introducing a hard part into your hairstyle is an ideal strategy for crafting a sense of disconnection. Disconnection involves creating a distinct division between textured hair and a sleek skin fade, and a hard part is your key tool for achieving this striking effect. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of contemporary flair to your look, ensuring you stand out with style.

Hard Part Haircut for Disconnection

@hunterthebarberr / Instagram

15. Wavy Hard Part Haircut

Wavy hair boasts its own unique character, but it’s essential not to let it go completely wild. You can bring your wavy hair under control while preserving its natural texture by embracing a hard part haircut. This way, you can strike the perfect balance between taming your waves and maintaining their distinct charm. It’s a smart choice for those who want to keep their wavy locks in check without sacrificing their hair’s inherent personality.

Wavy Hard Part Haircut

@stylistcindy / Instagram

16. Gentleman’s Cut With Hard Part

Picture the transformation this haircut can work for you, just as it does for Colin Farrell, imparting an air of being both effortlessly put-together and undeniably dapper. With its medium to short sides, a comb-over or a side part, generously styled with the right products, this look excels, particularly if you have thick locks. Elevate its gentlemanly charm by incorporating a refined hard part. It’s the recipe for a suave and sophisticated appearance that’s sure to turn heads.

Gentleman’s Cut With Hard Part

@maneiac_barbershop / Instagram

17. Hard Part With Buzz Cut

Hard parts aren’t exclusive to men with longer locks. Even if you sport a low-maintenance buzz cut, you can effortlessly infuse it with a touch of sophistication by incorporating a sleek hard part. This simple addition provides your haircut with a refreshing update, ensuring you maintain a sharp and stylish appearance without compromising on the ease and simplicity of your buzz cut.

Hard Part With Buzz Cut

@menshairlooks / Instagram

18. Pushed Back Skin Fade With Hard Part

If you’re a fan of that effortlessly tousled “ran my fingers through my hair” appearance, it might be the perfect moment to experiment with a pushed-back style paired with a sleek skin fade. By introducing a hard part haircut amidst the longer, swept-back hair and the faded sides, you’ll create an illusion of lifted hair. This technique adds a touch of modern flair to your look, ensuring you effortlessly achieve that casually refined vibe.

Pushed Back Skin Fade With Hard Part

@trvu___ / Instagram

19. Taper Fade With Hard Part

Whether you’re a fan of a quality taper fade or a mid fade, these hairstyles can quickly become any man’s trusted companion. Particularly, if you’re in the process of growing out your hair, these styles emerge as your best bet, ensuring a seamless and even transition as you work towards longer locks. They’re the secret to achieving a stylish and well-groomed look while on your journey to sporting a longer hairstyle.

Taper Fade With Hard Part

@or_cohen10 / Instagram

20. Hard Part for Straight Hair

When it comes to straight hair, a hard part is like a perfect match waiting to happen. A skillfully razored part serves as a guiding element, adding a sense of direction to your naturally straight locks, breaking away from the “just hanging down” routine. It’s a surefire way to infuse style and purpose into your straight hair, leaving you with a sharp and refined appearance.

Hard Part for Straight Hair

@thedenexeter / Instagram

21. Hard Part With Quiff

The quiff is an attention-grabbing hairstyle characterized by longer top hair meticulously styled backward, resulting in a rich texture and abundant volume. Elevating your quiff to the next level is as easy as adding a hard part into the mix. This subtle addition imparts an extra layer of distinction to your quiff, ensuring it stands out with even more flair and sophistication. It’s the perfect enhancement for a captivating and refined look.

Hard Part With Quiff

@east_and_co_salon / Instagram

22. Hard Part With Undercut

While an undercut may seem quite well-defined by itself, the addition of a razor-sharp hard part haircut is just the thing to provide that extra edge you’re seeking. Not only does it enhance the overall look, but it also plays a pivotal role in directing the styling of your hair. Moreover, it subtly accentuates the parting, delivering that perfect touch of emphasis. It’s a must-try for those looking to take their undercut to the next level of style and sophistication.

Hard Part With Undercut

@thiagobarber13 / Instagram

23. Hard Part for Tight Curls

For individuals with tightly curled hair, employing a razor to fashion a hard part haircut not only amplifies the overall style but also accentuates the transition. This distinctive hard part is expertly complemented by a dramatic fade that seamlessly melds into a skin-baring finish around the ears. The result is a striking combination that truly shines when paired with a bold Mohawk style on top. It’s a surefire way to make a captivating statement and embrace a look that exudes confidence and individuality.

Hard Part for Tight Curls

24. Hard Part With Beard

A beard and a hard part haircut are the perfect duo, like the classic combination of butter and popcorn. The style of a hard part can be versatile, but when paired with a meticulously groomed coif and beard, it creates a symphony of clean lines and bold angles. This harmonious blend elevates your appearance, ensuring you exude a look that’s both sharp and distinguished, leaving a lasting impression with every stride.

Hard Part With Beard

@ro_jan8 / Instagram

25. Hard Part With Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut holds an even greater visual appeal compared to its connected counterpart, characterized by minimal fading, in contrast to the latter. This unique style is further enhanced by the inclusion of a hard part haircut, amplifying the impact of the disconnected cut. The hard part adds a touch of refinement and sophistication, making this combination a bold and captivating choice for those who want to make a strong fashion statement.

Hard Part With Disconnected Undercut

@4hairpleasure / Instagram

26. Forward Swept Haircut With Hard Part

Elevate your medium-length hair into an ultra-modern style by generously applying the right hair products and sweeping it forward. To steer clear of a dated bowl-cut appearance, introduce a hard part into the equation. This simple addition infuses your hair with shape and definition, ensuring your look remains stylish, contemporary, and far from ordinary. It’s the secret to achieving a sophisticated and fashion-forward image that turns heads for all the right reasons.

Forward Swept Haircut With Hard Part

@ancstoo / Instagram

27. Hard Part Haircut With Low Fade

For a low-maintenance option, consider the classic low fade, which begins just above the ear. It’s the perfect choice for those who prefer a hassle-free look. When incorporating a hard part, you have two stylish choices: you can position it towards the top of your head for a refined side part, or you can opt for a more bold statement by placing it an inch or so above the ear, creating a striking visual line. Whichever you choose, it’s a recipe for a sharp and effortlessly stylish appearance that requires minimal upkeep.

Hard Part Haircut With Low Fade

@mehdi_mombyni / Instagram

28. Hard Part Haircut With Man Bun

Steal the spotlight and be the center of attention in any room with a casually chic messy man bun, a bold undercut, and a sharp hard part. By introducing a precision-cut part between your flowing locks and the tapered sides, you unlock the full potential of your man bun. This combination is the key to a head-turning, fashion-forward look that sets you apart with effortless style and distinction.

Hard Part Haircut With Man Bun

@sergiobarron_ / Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Hard Part Hairstyles

What is a Hard Part Haircut?

Imaginative shaved lines, created with precision using a straight razor, offer a distinctive touch to your hairstyle. These artistic lines serve as a unique separator between two different hair lengths and can be incorporated into virtually any hairstyle. The creative placement options on your head allow for a personalized and eye-catching addition to your look, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Hard Part Haircut Vs Soft Part?

When it comes to hard parts, precision is the name of the game. These sharp, shaved lines grant you a clearly defined and distinct style. In contrast, soft parts rely on combing or brushing techniques, resulting in a more subtle separation. While soft parts offer a gentler look, they don’t provide the same level of definition that you’ll achieve with a sleek hard part.

How to Maintain a Hard Part Haircut?

Your hard part will shine the brightest during the first few days after leaving the barber’s chair. If you aim to maintain it yourself, you’ll need to become acquainted with using a razor or clippers at home. However, for a hassle-free solution, scheduling a visit to your trusted barber every two weeks will keep your hard part looking sharp.

It’s important to note that a hard part isn’t the go-to choice for those seeking a wash-and-wear, low-maintenance style. But the rewards for your dedication are unparalleled: a look that radiates unmatched style and sophistication.

What Haircut Goes With a Hard Part Haircut?

Elevating your hairstyle to the next level is as simple as adding a hard part. Whether your hair is just a few millimeters in length or you’re rocking a full-blown man bun, a hard part can seamlessly blend into the mix. Collaborating with your skilled barber, take the time to assess your unique situation and determine the perfect way to implement it. By tailoring the hard part to your preferred style, you’ll achieve a look that perfectly complements your individual comfort and preference.

How to Get a Hard Part Haircut?

Let’s start with the golden rule: Leave it to the experts. Achieving a flawless hard part is a task best entrusted to skilled professionals. If you’re venturing into the world of hard parts for the first time, your safest bet is to have a seasoned stylist guide you through the process.

They’ll kick things off by meticulously sectioning your hair, followed by a precise cut with a razor to create that defining part. To further accentuate the effect, the surrounding hair is expertly trimmed, ensuring your hard part stands out with perfect clarity and style.

How to Get Rid of a Hard Part Haircut?

Time has a way of healing both wounds and, in this case, hard parts. For those with short hair, growing out a hard part is a relatively swift process, taking just a matter of days or weeks. However, the challenge grows when you’re working with long hair.

This transition leaves you with an awkward length of hair where the part used to be, and the hard part’s imprint can still influence your hair’s direction. To gracefully navigate this growth phase, it’s advisable to collaborate with your barber. Together, you can explore transitional styles that seamlessly blend the different hair lengths as you work towards growing out your hard part.

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