20+ Stylish Haircuts for Long Face Men: Flattering Styles for Your Features

by Josie kohloff
Haircuts for Long Face Men

Are you pondering the ideal hairstyle for your oblong face? An oblong face, characterized by its elongated shape with nearly identical cheekbones, forehead, and jawline width, offers a canvas for various versatile haircuts. Men with long face shapes are in luck, as we’ll explore a range of hairstyles suitable for your distinctive features in this discussion.

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How to tell if you have an oblong face shape?

Determining if you possess an oblong face shape is a straightforward process. Using a tape measure, compare the width of your face to its length. If your face’s length is greater than its width, or approximately twice the width, you likely have an oblong face.

An oblong face is defined by its striking symmetry, where the measurements of your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead are remarkably similar. This distinctive balance in proportions sets the oblong face shape apart from other facial profiles. Understanding your face shape is a key step in choosing the most flattering haircuts for long-faced men.

Top 20 Haircuts Perfectly Suited for Long-Faced Men

1. Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part

Credit: @bestmenshaircutsnyc

This particular hairstyle is characterized by shorter sides of the head following the part, with a generous volume of hair cascading down over the top. Its design is particularly effective in reducing the elongated appearance of your face.

How to Style?

  • Begin by creating a high part on one side, then smoothly comb the longer hair on top of your head.
  • Maintain shorter sides and enhance the height by applying some styling gel.
  • Avoid cutting the sides too short, as this can accentuate the elongated appearance of your head.

2. Faded side part

Faded side part

Credit: vixxboston

This distinctive hairstyle is characterized by a side part, where the side hair gradually tapers as it ascends towards the parted section, creating a voluminous effect on top. The remaining hair gracefully flows at a lower level on the upper part of the head.

How to Style?

Achieving this hairstyle can be challenging, so it’s advisable to seek the expertise of a professional stylist.
To maintain its appeal and structure, the use of gel is essential.

3. The long side part

The long side part

Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc

This hairstyle is the perfect choice for those blessed with long hair. It’s characterized by a stylish side part, with the longer side elegantly swept across to the opposite side of the head. Individuals who opt for this hairstyle typically maintain a generous volume of hair on the upper part of their heads.

How to style it:

  • Begin by creating a side part in your hair and sweep the longest portion to the opposite side.
  • Apply gel to both sides and use a comb to ensure a sleek and textured pattern.

4. Classic fade

Classic fade

Credit: barber_egoiste

This particular hairstyle is particularly well-suited for those with oblong faces, as it enhances their overall appearance. It’s defined by its short sides and back, creating a fading effect as it transitions towards the top.

How to style it:

  • Consult a barber for expert assistance in achieving the faded side for a precise and clean cut.
  • Sweep the side with the most hair on top, adjusting it to your preferred length, and use gel to enhance the style.

5. Quiff Haircut

Quiff Haircut

Credit: barber_egoiste

This hairstyle is strategically crafted to mitigate the appearance of an elongated face. Typically, it features shorter sides while concentrating more hair mass at the top, resulting in a fuller and balanced look.

How to style it:

  • Visit a barber and request shorter sides with longer hair at the top.
  • At home, use a blow dryer to neatly comb your hair upwards.
  • Complete the look by applying a hair spray for the desired hold and finish.

6. Undercut


Credit: milanihairstylist

This hairstyle is defined by a clean shave at the back and sides, leaving a significant amount of hair on top. This design serves to accentuate and highlight your facial features, offering a clear and striking presentation.

How to style it:

  • Consult your barber for a buzz or close cut on the back and sides.
  • At home, employ a blow dryer to neatly comb your hair upward.
  • Enhance the style with the use of gel for a polished appearance.

7. Pompadour


Credit: george.barbers

This concise, slicked-back men’s hairstyle reserves additional volume on top, making it a versatile choice suitable for professional office settings or casual occasions.

How to style it:

  • Schedule a visit to the barber, as this hairstyle requires precise cutting for the desired look.
  • Apply pomade to secure the hair in place.
  • Utilize a hairdryer while combing to ensure the hair aligns in the desired direction.

8. Pompadour with a fade

Pompadour with a fade

Credit: the59tattoo

The pompadour haircut, tailored for men with oblong faces, artfully blends the timeless pompadour style with a taper fade. This design typically features shorter sides and a voluminous, high-reaching top.

How to style it:

  • Trim the sides of your head to a shorter length.
  • Comb the hair at the top backward, emphasizing volume.
  • Apply a pomade to maintain the desired style.
  • This hairstyle is known for its low maintenance requirements.

9. The Ivy League

The Ivy League

Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc

The Ivy League hairstyle is a fantastic choice for individuals with oblong faces. It bears a resemblance to a crew cut, yet distinguishes itself by leaving a generous volume of hair on top, allowing for easy parting and styling. The sides of the Ivy League style are typically faded and slightly shortened.

How to style it:

  • Visit your barber and request a slight trim for the hair on the sides and back.
  • Ensure there’s ample volume, leaving at least two inches of hair on top for versatile parting.
  • Use pomade to secure the style and keep your hair in place.

10. Buzz cut

Buzz cut

Credit: eriksund1

The buzz cut is a concise and uniform-length hairstyle with its roots in the military, yet it’s a versatile choice embraced by civilians as well.

ءow to style it:

  • Begin by washing your hair and then gently pat dry with a towel.
  • Ensure your hair is combed to a uniform length.
  • For an even shave, use a shaving machine. If precision is a concern, it’s advisable to consult a barber for a professional shave.

11. Crew cut

Crew cut

Credit: will_barberuk

The crew-cut hairstyle primarily involves a moderate shave on the sides, retaining some length, while the top is neatly combed. To enhance the style, small spikes are meticulously created for added flair.

How to style it:

  • For a precise and polished cut, consult a professional barber.
  • After combing your hair forward, apply gel to fashion the distinctive spikes on top.

12. Slick Back

Slick Back

Credit: barber_egoiste

This particular hairstyle, characterized by its sleek, swept-back design, is a top choice for men with oblong faces and longer hair. It typically features shorter sides, and the overall style is achieved by skillfully applying gel to keep it in place.

How to style it:

  • Trim the sides of your hair to a slightly shorter length.
  • Gently sweep back all your hair using a comb.
  • Apply gel to your hair to set it and achieve a sleek, shiny appearance.

13. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

Credit: barber_egoiste

The faux hawk is a contemporary and edgy hairstyle that combines elements of both a traditional mohawk and a more conventional haircut. In this style, the sides are kept relatively short, while the hair at the top is left longer and styled to form a central ridge that runs from the back to the front of the head.

This contrast in length creates a striking and dynamic look, making it a popular choice for individuals who want a bold and stylish appearance without committing to the full shaved sides of a traditional mohawk.

The faux hawk offers a versatile and eye-catching option for those looking to stand out in a crowd while maintaining a degree of flexibility in their hairstyle.

How to style it:

  • Trim the top hair from the back to the front, leaving more length at the front for the signature ridge.
  • Create a clipper fade to keep the back and sides short.
  • Apply gel to ensure the hair remains sleek and shiny.

14. Modern Spikes

Credit: francescopellegrino_d.bar.ber

Contemporary spikes make an excellent selection for men with oblong faces, accentuating their forward appearance. This style features shorter sides and a spiky, voluminous top. It is equally appealing for men with slightly longer hair.

How to style it:

  • Begin by applying heat spray to your hair to protect it from damage.
  • Use a blow dryer while combing your hair forward.
  • Apply wax to your hair and sculpt the spikes with your hands for the desired effect.

15. Brush Up

Brush Up

Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc

This hairstyle is fashioned by lifting the hair up and sweeping it backward, with a prominent volume concentrated at the top. The sides are intentionally kept shorter, creating a smoother contrast.

How to style it:

  • Trim the sides of your head to a shorter length.
  • Artfully comb the remaining hair on top in a disheveled manner.
  • Secure the style by applying a hair spray to keep it in place.

Is oblong a good face shape?

An oblong face shape is undeniably versatile and appealing. It serves as a canvas for an array of hairstyles, allowing you the freedom to choose any look that suits your preference.

The balanced proportions of the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead enhance your ability to experiment with various hairstyles while maintaining an attractive appearance. Furthermore, the low maintenance required for this face shape ensures that you consistently look your best, effortlessly.

Final Verdict:

Men with oblong faces have the distinct advantage of looking great in a wide range of hairstyles. Their remarkable facial features complement both contemporary and classic haircuts, making them versatile candidates for the hairstyles mentioned above.

You have the flexibility to choose from these diverse options based on your personal style and needs. Whatever your preference, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect hairstyle that enhances your appearance, ensuring you look your best. So, select the hairstyle that resonates with you and embark on your journey to an improved and unique look.

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