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Boots for Girls: Hello girls, today I come to share with you some looks that I concocted for the pleasure of the eyes and especially to answer a recurring problem, to match his boots in all circumstances. I chose different models’ history to answer to all tastes, a non-exhaustive list, an article all in pictures. So, I let you read and for those who want to go straight to the point go directly to the pair of your taste.

I chose this model because it is, in my opinion, the centerpiece of your sometimes dark outfit in winter. The pair will bring color while remaining in the spirit of winter and sober. I would see myself going to work, take public transport. The heel is wide, certainly a little high but for a day at the office sitting with a few come and go why not? With what can I put this pair?

I see it very well with a classic skirt, opaque tights, but without doing too strict bcbg, it is important to break with an accessory or a more casual hairstyle. However I have nothing against a rather strict look, just do not overdo it.
Otherwise, a good pair of jeans with a relatively simple top, a classic coat, a little bunted effect, and the trick is played.
I have created some looks to illustrate everything. In pictures and allow you to project yourself if you have this pair at home or in the same style.

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Square-toe Elasticated Slip-on Heel Ankle Boots for Girls

Women Boot

I think that this pair would be as pretty in brown, however the black is much easier to marry with your outfits and the mayor is relatively expensive. Personally, I am not a great collector of shoes, attention everything is relative. But I am one of those who can pay very little a pair of ballerina, sandals, pumps but out of the question to risk me in the winter. I invested in a good ally and I maintain it at best. This modeler little masculine is actually very feminine provided that it is worn properly. Although very little heel, the pair gives the impression of a slender and slender silhouette.

I imagine boots for Girls with anything but a tailor or suit. I even think they are difficult to wear a few times. That’s why I created looks that highlight the pair and conversely for all those who like me sometimes struggling to project in the store, I let you discover the styles.

FOREVER 21 Lace-Up Booties Platform


I love the lace-up the platform, I find it an ideal solution for people of small sizes without worrying about the inconvenience caused by ordinary heels, your balance is maintained and they are very comfortable. However, I find that their rather massive shape tends to refine more your legs and small ankles which for me is not aesthetic.

I do not agree to wear them with leggings. I will do an article on it because the leggings should not replace your pants girls. Slim jeans or cigarette will do the trick and a wider top to avoid the match effect. Personally, I have a penchant for doc Martens, Rocky, and class both (especially very comfortable with time, some are all simple, other varnishes, etc.

UGG Australia Classic Short Boots for Girls

 Classic Short Boots for Girls

Very controversial, sometimes called Anti-fashion. The UGG (s) has the distinction of being comfortable even if the design is not to everyone’s taste. I think the pair is not ideal for rainy days; however, they protect well from the cold.


By Josie kohloff

Hello, this is Josie Kohloff a fashion designer, hairstylist and tattoo artist. I love to share the latest designs and ideas regarding fashion, hairstyles and tattoo designs.

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