How to use Hair mask with vitamins

by Josie kohloff
Hair mask

How to use Hair Masks: To preserve the health and beauty of curls, of course, you can use ready-made hair care products. However, the condition of the body directly affects the beauty of the hair. Here come to the rescue of vitamin complexes. Vitamins can be taken not only inside. They are suitable for use externally, through the manufacture of masks, direct rubbing into the roots or adding to the shampoo. For this purpose, you need to use vitamins B6, B2, C, PP, B12, A and E (oil) in ampoules. They are purchased at the pharmacy. In addition to healthy and beautiful hair, men are impressed by the smell – because the hair absorbs aromas. If you want to always smell like high-quality perfumes, a niche perfume shop will help you with a choice of high-quality and inexpensive fragrances.

Hair mask how to use with vitamins

If you need to get rid of dry hair and itchy skin of the head, then a mask for hair with vitamin E is exactly what will save you. You will need to make a mixture of vitamins A and E (oil) with lemon juice. Add there dimexide, burdock and castor oil (in equal parts), vitamin B6 (a couple of ampoules). After mixing, apply the mask on the hair roots, while warming it. Hold the required two hours. This mask is recommended for use within a week twice.






There are other vitamin hair masks. For example, B5 masks that promote the stimulation of metabolic processes restore the hair structure well. If you add to the mixture of PP (nicotine) and put on the roots, it accelerates hair growth. Thanks to the addition of B6, skin irritation is removed and the itchiness is eliminated, weakened hair is treated, and hair loss is prevented. With B12 – the roots are strengthened, nutrition occurs, hair is given shine, well-groomed and growth is stimulated.

By adding vitamin C (ascorbic) to the shampoo, we add shine to the hair, while reducing the negative impact of SLS. Linoleic acid F fights peeling and dry skin, helping to get rid of dandruff, and preventing hair loss. Vitamin D3 will help get rid of peeling, facilitating the manifestation of psoriasis (applied to the roots). Oil solutions of vitamins A and E play the role of an ideal means to eliminate brittleness and dryness of hair. Applied to the roots and the entire length after adding to the finished mask

In order to prepare a mask to impart silkiness, shine, strengthen hair and reduce their loss, you need to apply one ampoule of vitamin B2, B12, B6. Add one egg there, a tablespoon of oils – sea buckthorn, burdock, and almond. The egg should be thoroughly whipped, add oil and vitamins contained in ampoules. After mixing the ingredients, apply a mask to the hair lengthwise. It is best to cover the head with cellophane and insulate. The mask lasts an hour and a half and then well washed with shampoo.

For healthy hair, it is important to take a complex of vitamins for Hair Style. For example, Doppler asset – these are vitamins that promote healing of hair and nails. They are available in capsules weighing 1150 mg. One capsule contains oil, which is rich in wheat germ, dry extract of millet (sorghum), calcium –D – 9 mg pantothenate or vitamin B5, zinc sulfate – 5 mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride or B6 – 1 mg, and Biotin – 150 mcg Can not but rejoice dosage. I drank one capsule a day and forgot. In addition, biotin contained in the composition is positioned as a beauty vitamin, which is a vehicle for the transfer of sulfur. Having completed the full course, you can already notice the result. Hair is noticeably stronger.


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