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by Josie kohloff
Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid also is known as the herringbone or fishbone braid, looks elaborate and time-consuming. But here’s a secret: It’s surprisingly easy to do, and will become a go-to favorite for rushed mornings, especially if you have long hair. Here’s how to do it.

How to Fishtail Braid

Tips: How To Fishtail Braid Your Hairs.

If you braid your hair when it’s wet and let it air dry, you will end up with more volume in your curls. Remember not to overdo this though!
Adding a bow or pin will give it an elegant look!
If you do it when your hair is dry put a little water on your fingertips so you could do it better and faster.
It is easier to do this braid on someone else’s head.
It’s harder to do them with short hair
Doing the fishtail braid while your hair is wet will give it a firmer grip, creating a more precise braid.
For a Katniss Everdeen look, start a French fishtail halfway up one side of your head.
You can do your hair easily when it is brushed.
You can use bobby pins or hairspray to secure fly-aways.
If you leave the fishtail braid plait overnight, you can come out with some good waves.
Braids are best on really long hair so you can do more with it.
Try to practice your hair on you have free time if you think you are going to wear it in the near future.
For shorter hair, you could do a side braid. It’s almost a mini version of this same style!
Works better on longer hair.
Watch someone do it a couple of times then do it yourself.
Get someone to hold the bits you’ve already plaited to the sides while you do the rest.
For layered hair, try to get the shorter layers underneath the braid.
Always make sure there is good lighting and maybe a few mirrors so you can look at the front and back of your head.
It’s better to use a mirror.
Insert spiral grip flowers all down it. They give an elegant touch!
Use a small amount of hair to practice with at first.
Fishtail braids are very unlikely to work if attempted on hair shorter than armpit length, especially if it is thick.
Never use standard office rubber bands in your hair – they will damage it.
For a more edgy look, tousle your hair and spray it in place with hair spray.
Use damp hair to make the fishtail braid.
Try doing a French fishtail but invert the top inside out. It will look awesome!
If you want a celebrity look, spray with hair spray or use mousse it really looks great.
It is easier to do your hair if you have no tangles.
If your hair is layered, it is harder to do this.
For thicker hair, consider using thicker strands for better control.
It’s easier to do it on the side of your head.
The first time, it may not turn out to be the way you want it to but keep on trying and you’ll be perfect at it.
Don’t pull your hair too tight, or you will hurt your scalp and it will be sore!
For a messier look, tease your hair before braiding.
If your hair is long trying doing two fishtail braid hairstyle and keep them like that or you could turn them into a fishtail bun.
you will look awesome if you have flicks.

Things You’ll Need

Hair tie, bow, or elastic band (best if hair tie contains no metal)
Brush or comb
Bobby pins (optional)
Mirror (optional)
Hair grips ( optional)

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