Having a fun in doing Fishtail Braids 2019

Fishtail Braids have been a favorite hairstyle of women since the olden days. It is a complex pattern or design of weaving to form an elaborate and beautiful hairstyle. Hair braiding is an ancient art. It has been practiced by Egyptians since 4000 BC and long custom in West Africa. Queens and women of noble birth have also been portrayed with hair braided in intricate patterns.

Having a fun in doing Fishtail Braids 2019
Having a fun in doing Fishtail Braids 2019

Fishtail Braids

Greek goddesses looked ethereal in their braided hairstyle. Braids in the past may signify the person’s social status or the place of birth. It is also used to improve the looks of women and make them feel more beautiful with their hair being styled meticulously. It is a way or means of socialization for the women considering the time it took to finish braiding a hair. While hair was being braided, women talk to each other and share ways of improving this art.

The older generation bond with the younger one by braiding the latter’s hair and the tradition is passed on to the older children who learn by watching and paying attention to the elders. The cycle of hair braiding and passing of different techniques continue from one generation to another.

The braided hair has never gone out of style and continues to evolve into different types of interpretations. The kinds of braided hairstyles vary from simple to complicated, easy to complex. The number of ways to braid one’s hair increase over time with the creation of new twists and patterns.

Though modern hair braiding is now more inclined to being a fashion statement rather than for social status and socialization purposes, it has not reduced the artistry or creativity required in making beautifully braided hair. A braid is a versatile hairstyle for any occasion both for the young and the old. You can style your hair in braids whether it is for a casual day out with friends, while playing sports, having an elegant dinner with your special someone or while attending a function or an occasion.

In more recent times, the braided hairstyle has become even more popular thanks to the many films and literary heroines sporting this hairdo, the two more famous being Lara Croft the Tomb Raider and Katniss Everdeen from the widely popular Hunger Games series. The recent success of the Hunger Games movie resulted in a huge number of female fans sporting the braided hairstyle ala Katniss of the franchise.

The versatility of Fishtail Braids

Among the different kinds of braided hairstyles today, the fishtail braids, also known as the herringbone or fishbone braid, is one of the most popular.

Both fishtail braids and a French braid have smooth appearances but the fishtail braids are finer and look more tightly or closely held together. The fishtail braids is a modification of the traditional braid where instead of dividing hair into three or more parts or sections, you just divide it into two major sections. Celebrities have been seen out and about with this hairstyle.

Some have even romanticized their look with a side part and a fishtail braids draped on their shoulder, others sported a tough persona with a fishtail braid in a ponytail like look, some kept it casual by doing a loose fishtail braid or opted for a laid back and approachable image with a slightly messy fishtail braids It is so versatile that you could sport this style at any event and on any occasion.

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