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Few men in the world boast locks deserving of divine praise, and for an actor embodying an actual Norse god for nearly a decade, maintaining such exalted status has become somewhat of a requisite for Chris Hemsworth.

The Australian leading man’s journey mirrors that of his character Thor, evolving through a hair metamorphosis over the franchise’s installments. From the initial film where he effortlessly carried shoulder-length hair, to the more practical and disheveled crop in Thor: Ragnarok, Hemsworth’s experimental hair arc resonates with the transitional phase many men experience in their 20s and 30s. It’s a time when hair is abundant, and the freedom to test various looks is embraced.

Let’s delve into the evolution of Chris Hemsworth’s remarkable hairstyles over the years. To gain insight, Bradley Smith, the esteemed creative director at Bradley Smith Hair, shares tips on achieving these styles. While you might not possess the physique of a god, mastering these hairstyles is notably less labor-intensive.

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Transitioning between short and long hairstyles often leads to dealing with an awkward mid-length phase. The crucial aspect during this shift is consistent visits to the barber for regular trims and employing appropriate products at home to manage this phase effectively.

“Maintaining roughly 4 inches on the top allows for styling by sweeping the hair over the sides and creating a fringe,” advises Smith. “Opt for a scissor cut to achieve a softer and more natural appearance. Ensure there’s enough hair in the front for styling but avoid excessive length to make styling more manageable.”

Smith further suggests a hair tonic application on towel-dried hair, emphasizing the roots to keep the hair nourished while providing a natural hold throughout the day. To maintain a healthy appearance with a natural look, use a light shine pomade, offering hold while leaving a subtle shine on the hair.



A timeless choice, the tousled short back and sides haircut is versatile, complementing various hair types and face shapes, particularly those with rounder faces seeking to draw attention away from the face’s curvature. This style also suits slightly thinner hair, as thicker hair might demand more maintenance to reduce weight, allowing for easier styling.

“For this style, request a scissor cut over a comb for the back and sides, leaving less than half an inch of hair. The aim is to create a tousled appearance by point cutting the hair on top, working with the hair’s natural movement to form the desired shape. To enhance volume and hold, apply a spritz of sea salt spray from the roots. Employ a low-heat blow dry technique, using your hands to mold the basic shape of the hairstyle.

“Once the foundation of the style is set, warm a coin-sized amount of matte paste in your palms and evenly distribute it through your hair for a refined finish.”



Moving towards a slightly longer, medium-length style, Chris Hemsworth’s haircut further accentuates his striking facial features, particularly his prominent cheekbones, while balancing the proportions of his forehead.

“When asking your barber for this look, request a layered cut with approximately 10 inches at the back,” recommends Smith. “Layering adds movement and texture throughout the hair. This style focuses on the back, almost edging into mullet-style territory, with graduated sides over the ears. Finish the cut with a pointcut technique, reducing bulk and creating a textured finish.”

Hair of this length doesn’t benefit from frequent washing, as it can lead to dryness. Natural oils play a crucial role in keeping the hair refreshed. However, ensure to condition your hair at least once a week for softness and nourishment. “For added shine, a light pomade works well,” suggests Smith. “Consider using sea salt spray to impart a natural, wavy texture to the hair.”



A resurgence of grunge and ’90s fashion combined with a relaxed approach to workplace attire has made long hair more widely accepted in current trends. Embracing longer locks doesn’t require god-like origins—anyone can sport this style. However, the process of growing out your hair can be tedious. Smith recommends visiting your hairdresser every six weeks, even if just for trimming split ends and reducing weight.

“Wavy hair complements this shoulder-length style, leveraging the natural kink of waves to your advantage during styling. Enhance your hair’s movement by applying a few spritzes of sea salt spray, creating textured volume while maintaining a natural appearance.

“For the final touch, consider using pomade to impart a subtle shine, revitalizing the look of your hair.”

Title: “Effortless Styling: Chris Hemsworth’s Long Hair Journey”



Since the latter part of the 17th century, the men’s ponytail has been a stylish addition to men’s hairstyles. Historical renditions involved tying these hair extensions with silk ribbons, a bit extravagant by today’s standards. Now, you can achieve a neat and tidy low man bun, similar to Hemsworth’s, using a regular hair tie, avoiding the need for overly elaborate accessories.

For this style, shoulder-length hair of around 14 inches is recommended, according to Smith. “Avoid using elastic bands as they tend to break easily. Investing in proper hair bands is essential.”

Post-shower care is vital for this hairstyle. “Towel-dry your hair and slick it back, making styling much more manageable than with dry hair. Use your fingers to brush the hair from the forehead towards the crown. Secure the knot roughly two inches above the nape of the neck, although comfort is key, so feel free to adjust based on your preference.”



Short and slightly rugged, the messy crop, akin to Hemsworth’s style, takes on a more gruff appeal when coupled with facial hair. Achieving a beard akin to Hemsworth’s requires regular maintenance, trimming it every two to three days using a five-point guard on a beard trimmer, advises Smith.

“For the neckline, employ the two-finger method: position your first two fingers near the top of your Adam’s apple, using the top of your index finger as a marker. Shave off everything below this line. Then, connect this point above your fingers to the backs of your ears, shaping a ‘U’ for a tidy finish.”

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