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by Hamza Saghir

I am very glad to see you here I f you are here it means you are interested to know about us. Here I tell you all about us that what type of information we are sharing with you and I hope you will be happy after reading this.

Fashion Trends:

Here I tell you all about new fashion trends 2019 that what is trending dresses in this season so, let’s start. The Spring / Summer 2019 show, which happened at the end of the last year, was many, many things.

While the majority of designers continued with Memo, ‘You Do It’, what was the search for women’s empowerment with them. Running with the overall combination, Kavanaugh actions provide social-political lenses by which fashion looks bad and we easily admit every show!

Hot arguments were required. Celine-gate expressed white warm discussion about women’s authorization and agency compared to male designers who authored and designated them.

Hair Style:

I will tell you about top trending Hair Styles for girls there are much Hair Styles in the fashion week. I will tell you about those Hair Styles that every girl can easily achieve. I hope the designs that I will tell you, you do not know about these before. You know that Hair Style is a necessity for every girl and women personality. Every girl want to look perfect and it is impossible without good Hair Style, you cannot look perfect without a good Hair Style when your Hairstyle will be good when you look attractive.


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